PA-Sen Notes: Weekend Endorsements, Statements, Debates

What’d you do this weekend? We obsessed over the Senate race. That’s how cool we are. (For serious.) Here’s sestaktoomeywhat happened:

The candidates held another debate on Friday. They agreed the tone of the campaign as a whole was “unfortunate” – but continued smearing each other.

Joe Sestak has received six statewide newspaper endorsements, including those from the Harrisburg Patriot-News, the Erie Times News and the state’s two largest newspapers out of its two largest cities: The Inky and The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

Here’s what the Inky said about Your Joe Sestak:

Sestak has moderate, reasonable ideas for promoting clean energy and providing small businesses with incentives to create more jobs. In the Senate, Sestak’s views would be much more in line with most Pennsylvanians.

And the Gazette:

Yet Mr. Toomey, the father of three, is a soft-spoken, amiable candidate. He lacks the bark of a Rick Santorum, but he would easily replicate the former senator’s voting record. An analysis last May by said Mr. Toomey was more conservative than 98 percent of all members of Congress since 1995 — and much more conservative than Mr. Santorum. Which raises the question, do Pennsylvanians really want to turn back the clock?

The Express Times of Easton, in Toomey’s old district, came out in favor of the Republican.

Pat Toomey appeared on Fox News Sunday (naturally) and got his feathers a little ruffled when host Chris Wallace asked him about Joe Sestak’s attempts to connect the former Pennsylvania Congressman with Delaware PSYCHOPATRIOT future Senator Christine O’Donnell. Toomey comes back and says he’s “never met” O’Donnell and doesn’t agree with her. He then pulls out the N-word (Nancy).

Watch it:

The LA Times, in a piece about unions coming out heavier as we get closer to election day, has noted that Sestak’s standing with unions has greatly improved since Labor Day:

For example, internal AFL-CIO tracking polls now show that the Democratic Senate candidate, Rep. Joe Sestak, has dramatically improved his standing with union voters since Labor Day. In early September, Sestak had a slim, 6-point lead among Pennsylvania union members over his GOP rival, former Rep. Patrick Toomey.

By last week, it had climbed to a 29-point margin. At the same time, another poll showed Sestak ahead of Toomey for the first time, even though the margin was very narrow.

Non-apologies all around if you’re worried about Philadelphia Weekly’s politics blog putting a little too much emphasis on the elections for a little while. It’s just…we love these things so much. It’s a sickness, really.

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  1. The Good Doctor says:

    nice… 3 sources I rely on for unbiased commentary are the print media, The AFL-CIO, and liberal blog sites… (it too, is a sickness. Really!)

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