DAILY GRINDER: Watch Rendell Go From Weird To Really Weird (and other stories)

CBS’ 60 Minutes paid attention to gambling addiction this weekend. As you may have already heard, Your Governor Ed Rendell flipped out at Leslie Stahl. At the end of this blurb you’ll find a link to the entire episode. Check out 10:30 for the good governor. The freakout comes around 13:40. It’s awkward. [CBS]

And here are Pennsylvania residents who’ve been banned – some for life – from casinos. They left their young children in cars while living out their addiction at the slot machines. Apparently you can’t do that. [Inky]

City Controller Alan Butkovitz says the city is missing about $20 million dollars of equipment used in city offices, like cell phones and copiers. Are we to believe city employees are selling off their equipment to fulfill their gambling addictions? (No, but it seems as likely a scenario as any.) [Newsworks]

On Tuesday, the Institute for Justice is going to be arguing before the federal 3rd Circuit Court of Appeals, challenging a law that says Philly tour guides have to pass a test and receive a government license before giving tours of the city. The Institute of Justice last made a crack in Philadelphia when they challenged our licensing and inspection process, to which they had a point. “And if you look to your left you’ll see what we Philadelphians like to call ‘The Empire State Building.’” [Reason]

The Philadelphia Bicycle Coalition is calling for volunteers to help them out on Martin Luther King Day and clear brush, vines and debris from the waterfront area around the Schuylkill River Trail, which is apparently being made over. After all, we have the technology. [Bicycle Coalition]

The Eagles lost, so maybe we can all stop crying about whether it’s OK to cheer for Michael Vick. Maybe not. Time will tell. [CNN]

Interested in Philly talker Michael Smerconish’s take on the tragic shooting in Arizona this weekend? He wrote about it for the Huffington Post. His op/ed speaks mostly about some of the conditions that led to JFK’s murder and how they compare today (they do compare). He also takes a couple shots at his (former?) buddy, Glenn Beck. [HuffPo]

The Global Leadership Academy Charter School in Parkside caught fire yesterday. There were no injuries, but the building is a wreck, a section collapsed completely and there’s no word on what caused the fire, yet. [CBS]

Finally (it’s a news-here-news-there kind of morning), it looks like while Mayor Michael Nutter won’t face a primary challenge, he will face an independent Tom Knox. The question here becomes, do the Republicans even get behind a candidate if Knox (and Knox cash) is in the ring? [Daily News]

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