HLG_Twitter_FiredLast night on Twitter, the tweet tag #ImFromPhilly was the top-trending on the site locally and “for a time,” in the top 10 tweets across the globe. After the tag, Twitter-ers would say something about the wonderful city. Here’s some of our favorites we found (we’re omitting Twitter names): “where them old heads and young boi’s live…” “a place where you can be a performing artist and still pay your rent on time and even own a car !!!” “where septa use the old buses that came out in 1995.” “an u don’t know who gotta fat ass anymore bc Erbody wearing butt pads” “where the word “Jawn” can be use 5 times in 1 sentence, but it still makes sense.” These were all tweet-ed in a Philly accent, we assume. [Daily News/Twitter]

We feel like everything involving the PHA post-Greene’s departure has been some sort of half-ironic, half-sad icing on some sort of diseased cake. Well, now 13 of 15 PHA managers who received $796 Tumi gym bags are at least trying to return them. Interim director Michael P. Kelly said he hopes Nordstrom takes the bags back. “If not,” according to this article, “eBay is an option.” Recouped money is going back into the agency’s general fund. So, how’s this situation fit into a cake/pastry metaphor? Is it the ruined cherry? Is the cake in the garbage? [Daily News]

Six people protested at Sugar House last night. They say Governor Ed Rendell’s appearance on 60 Minutes made them do it. Oh, “protesting,” you’re adorable. [CBS]

Accounting and consulting firm Heffler, Radetich & Saitta has hired former DC Mayor Adrian M. Fenty, who lost the Democratic primary this past September. Fenty says he’s not moving up to Philly. [Washington Post]

Rick Santorum will be in South Carolina this weekend. For his eighth trip. He’ll address an anti-abortion rally in Columbia on Saturday, take Sunday off (perhaps) and speak at a GOP lunch in Aiken, wherever that is, on Monday. I kid, South Carolina. In reality, I’m just jealous of all the attention you get from politicians for years before elections. I’d like to hang out with Herman Cain, too, but probably never will. [The Hill]

Image: MSNBC

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