Second Chance: On Vick’s Endorsement

The Eagles’ season is over – and you’re depressed about it – but Quarterback Michael Vick’s endorsements have begun, after a more than 3-year hiatus. First it was Woodbury Nissan, now it’s Unequal Technologies, a sports gear company whose shock-absorbing padding Vick sported after his rib injury against the Redskins:

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It’s unknown at this time how much the company is paying Vick for his endorsement of the product. Company president Rob Vito told CNN Money of the controversy surrounding Vick: “As a dog owner, I know the love of a pet…But as a Christian, I believe that people can repent and deserve a second chance.” President Obama expressed the same point in a phone call to Jeffrey Lurie in December.

What’s clear is Michael Vick is moving up in the sports and media world, whether one agrees with it or not, because enough of the all-consuming public either don’t care about his past, or have forgiven him, as Vito claims to have.

It should also be noted here that the sports world is an entirely different beast than reality. Just like you can’t look at an athlete’s salary or college scholarship through an objective lens, their personal lives mean very little outside of how well they can perform on the field. When Vick was signed to the Eagles, many we know – and thousands throughout the city, likely millions around the country – expressed disappointment with the decision. They still do. Problem is, Vick wasn’t hired to be a dogsitter. One’s serving time in jail doesn’t necessarily disqualify him/her for a job which has nothing to do with their crime. Comment boards below many of the articles on this most recent news continue to express outrage for Vick’s recent fortunes. That members of the public are less willing to forgive him (at least publicly) for his off-the-field antics than either Ben Roethlisberger, Ray Lewis, Lawrence Taylor or Michael Irvin is a bit odd.

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