Men’s Health Magazine: Philly Sucks

500x_500x_coversmhYou know that magazine? The one that every month promises us awesome abs, sex, jobs and the ability to pick up women anywhere on earth, so long as we “Eat This [vegetables], Not That [cake]!” and take into account just one of their thousands of cool, hip, money and nutrition tips? Men’s Health? Yeah, they’ve got a new list out, and, Philly, we are almost the worst. Not at one thing in particular. Just the worst.

It’s “The 100 Best (& Worst) Cities For Men 2011.” And it uses statistics like “Suicide Morality Rate,” “Obesity,” “Adults who are currently smokers,” “% Hopelessness – All or most of the time,” “Violent Crime per 10,000” and “Market % Males – Make Sure I Exercise Regularly,” and others. We’re 99 out of 100.

NBC 10 points out other prizes we’ve taken over the years. Forbes said we’re miserable – number 20 on their list of most miserable cities. Travel and Leisure said we’re the ugliest city in America. And Business Insider called us the seventh most obscene city in the country – which was better than our previous third place ranking. Deputy Mayor Don Schwartz just called us very fat.

Yeah? You’re ugly, Men’s Health/others.

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2 Responses to “ Men’s Health Magazine: Philly Sucks ”

  1. Cocoricot says:

    We don’t need a Men’s Health survey to tell us that. Just ask 100 single women in Philadelphia.
    I hate when when the media states the obvious.

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