Gingrich Hangs At Academy of Natural Sciences, Owns a Skull

gingrichnowinspanishSo. Turns out Newt Gingrich did more during his time in Philadelphia than get pretentiously mocked by some UPenn kid! He tweeted all over the place about heading to a museum and then showed some Twitter users who was boss — presidentially.

Gingrich wrote after his altering experience at the Academy of Natural Sciences: “Great visit to the academy of natural sciences in philadelphia today-love the dinosaurs and the historic collection.” That was confirmed by the Academy’s Twitter account, too, with a Twit Pic of the museum’s president George Gephart alongside Newt! But soon a huckster tried to spoil the party, entertainingly writing to the former Speaker: “Come on, you don’t really believe in dinosaurs.”

Mr. (Future) President? Your response?


So, now we know the former Speaker own a dinosaur skull, and it has a philosophical point! Wonkette found an archived PBS interview once conducted with Newt in which he claims then, too, to own such a skull:

INTERVIEWER: Why did you hang it up? What does it represent?

NEWT GINGRICH: We didn’t hang it. It’s actually on a large platform because a Tyrannosaurus rex skull is very big. I always wanted to be a dinosaur collector or a zookeeper, and [when] I had a chance to decorate my office like I wanted to, since I was speaker, I really wanted it there to break things up. I wanted it there to say, “Let’s not take ourselves too seriously. Let’s not assume that what we’re doing is life and death.”

How big are these offices? And what other congresspeople wanted to be zookeepers? It explains a lot.

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