New Liquor Licenses Coming?

pwcover0113Out in Harrisburg, the dreary state capital where dreams come true, Adams County State Representative Dan Moul plans on introducing legislation that would create a new type of liquor license. It’d “allow restaurants to sell wine – and only wine – to its patrons” according to PAIndependent. They’re also calling the potential bill another step toward modernization of Pennsylvania’s liquor laws.

The state currently offers 15,000 liquor licenses – which cover wine, beer, liquor – costing over $100,000 on average, though in some parts of the state where demand is high, licenses can cost more than $300,000. State Rep. Moul’s legislation would make wine licenses similar to the 456 “E-Licenses”: liquor licenses often obtained by pizza shops and [West Philly] Chinese food stores, allowing them to sell beer and malt beverages. There are no exceptions as it relates to wine, unless you’re at a supermarket with a kiosk. In Moul’s South-Central PA district, there are about 91,000 residents covering a whopping 552 square miles with only one liquor store, which is really just…you think you have it so bad?

Such legislation wouldn’t be subject to quotas and would be available for a “nominal fee” set after consulting with the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board, assuming it still exists when Moul’s legislation comes to a head.

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