DAILY GRINDER: Social Networks, TastyKakes, U.S. Mr. Gay Competition Coming To Philly

The sky is blue on this fine Monday and if Tom Corbett’s budget gets passed, poorer schools will be disproportionately hurt. So says the Education Law Center of Pennsylvania. The center’s spokesman Baruch Kintisch claims it’ll take a decade to undo each year of Corbett’s cuts. [AP]

Listmania: Philadelphia is the 49th most “socially networked” city in the country, according to Men’s Health, the list magazine of lists. They figured out the number (there was a scientific method other than, “Let’s do something 25-50 year-old white collar men with hot wives, 1.3 kids, a gym membership and stylists will think is badass”) by taking the LinkedIn and Facebook users per capita and overall Twitter usage. Then some other stuff. [Men’s Health]

Philadelphia has been crowned the host city for the U.S. Mr. Gay Competition, its second year in a row. International Mr. Gay says Philly was picked, because of our “very accessible, friendly…most vibrant Gayborhood in the country.” [Edge]

“In due course.” Judge James M. Lynn is figuring out whether or not to kick Councilmembers Marian Tasco, Frank “Spawn of Frank Rizzo” Rizzo and City Commissioner Marge Tartaglione off the ballot for their enrollment in DROP. [Inky]

After originally believing we needed to bomb the shit out of Libya, Rick Santorum’s thoughts have evolved in recent weeks in light of President Obama making a decision on the matter. Now, Santorum believes the Administration and its allies’ cruise-missilling of Libya makes him nervous about the U.S. getting involved in a long-term commitment. Weird how that works. [Politico]

Bold new idea to make the Duck Boats safe: Shorter trips and not entering the water when another boat’s in there. Discounts for riders who don’t dive in the Delaware weren’t mentioned. [Inky]

Tastykakes are coming to the ballpark. [NBC]

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