DAILY GRINDER: The Wonderful World of The Uncontested Council Primary

Father James St. George and Chestnut Hill College have reached a settlement on the matter of his being fired for being gay. St. George’s publicist said the resolution is “consistent with the religious beliefs of each party.” [Inky]

Clergy lawsuit number four. [Newsworks]

The NFL is putting up the cover of Madden ’12 for a vote by fans. Michael Vick was on the cover in 2004 and is a candidate again this year. My God, cue the outrage. Cue it now. [Kotaku]

This, isn’t this just wonderful? Aren’t you happy for her?


A Pennsylvania couple was given super human strength and the ability to jump from roof-to-roof, getting mistaken for zombies by their neighbors. All thanks to K2/Bath Salts. Bad part: They had a 5-year-old daughter and were arrested for putting her in danger. Apparently when police showed up, the couple was stabbing the walls trying to kill the “90 people living in the walls.” Now we need to ban bath salts before some more unfit parents use the drug when they’re supposed to be watching their kid. [PA Homepage]

Joe Sestak – still in the news! – will be speaking at the Marcellus Shale Gas Environment Summit at the Renaissance Hotel later this month. He’s being billed as a Marcellus skeptic. Fun! [Philadelphia Business Journal]

Sestak is also what you might call a “Libya skeptic,” but not necessarily for the same reasons as other former PA elected official Rick Santorum (who is a skeptic of President Obama’s policy because as soon as Obama does something Rick Santorum agrees with, Rick Santorum no longer agrees with it; they made us sad). Sestak said the president needs to understand the “risk we’re assuming” and make sure “the costs [are] worth our interest.” [WITF]

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  1. [...] we heard, Pennsylvania lawmakers were using a host of examples – a Pittston “zombie” couple who stabbed their walls and put their 5-year old daughter in danger, a Scranton man who stabbed a [...]

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