DAILY GRINDER: Creepy Zoo Puppet Songs

Who doesn’t love the zoo in the Spring? Especially when you can see a puppet show that brainwashes (?) kids into saving animals (we assume that’s how this thing’s gonna play out on Hannity, tonight or tomorrow). There’s a new exhibit at the Philadelphia Zoo called “X-tink-shun” which uses Jim Henson-style puppets and a “family musician” to warn kids about the plight of animals. It begins Saturday. Beware. [AP]

First Cardinal Lynn is indicted for allegedly covering up priest rape and torture. Now the family of a man who killed himself – after he alleged abuse by Rev. Joseph Gallagher, and the Philadelphia Archdiocese called him, ahem, a liar – has filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the Archdiocese. If any good can come out of this whole thing, it’s this: Law and Order: SVU will have some great episodes next season dealing with this stuff. [UPI]

Philly top cop Charles Ramsey is sticking around, after all. The Chicago Sun-Times says he wanted $400,000 a year in salary and the greasy Mayor Rahm Emanuel apparently wasn’t willing to give it to him. Nutter, on the other hand, was willing to up Ramsey’s pay. He’ll apparently get a bump to $255,000 from his current salary of $195,000. [Philly Clout/Huffington Post]

Thanks to Governor Tom Corbett, the economy isn’t Pennsylvanians’ number one concern, anymore. In fact, thanks to his potential cuts in education, a new Susquehanna Polling & Research shows we’re most worried about…you guessed it…edumication. Twenty-two percent think so. Technically, since you can argue recessions are partially fueled by panic about the economy, this is a good thing.

Oh, and the same poll found no bounce for President Barack Obama since his cell phone/Daily Kos announcement, who’s stuck at 46-45 in the Keystone State.

And Bob Casey, my God, it’s not just that people don’t know who he is anymore. They actually “want someone new.” Forty-three percent do, actually. Spokesman Larry Smar told the Tribune Review there’s nothing to worry about. Casey’s ahead of all his potential challengers, he says, by at least seven points. Gotta love those internal polls! [Pittsburgh Tribune-Review]

Former Chester County Rep. Curt Weldon, who uncovered the Able Danger case just before the FBI began investigating him and his daughter – and found nothing – which put military man Joe Sestak in office in 2006 (read all about it in my fantasies), is in Libya, trying to negotiate peace. He’s good at that. [New York Times]

ProPublica is in yo’ emails, reading ‘bout how you wanna let drilling companies roam free on the Marcellus Shale. Seriously. A series of emails and memos show the Corbett Administration is now requiring that “each of the hundreds of enforcement actions taken routinely against oil and gas operators in Pennsylvania each month now be approved by the department’s executive deputy secretary, John Hines.” Essentially, environmental inspectors can no longer act independently, and are instead tied up by the wingnut gremlin administration in Harrisburg. [ProPublica]

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