SURPRISE! There’s a ‘Birther Bill’ in PA, Too

handsProving Arizona doesn’t have a monopoly on racism masked in “Can’t use Google” crazy, Rep. Daryl Metcalfe of Butler County has drafted a measure that would force presidential hopefuls to prove they’re American citizens before they can get on the ballot in Pennsylvania – and it’s got 23 sponsors.

Few sponsors are talking, but unlike a vast majority of public-servant birthers, we give Metcalfe credit: He isn’t disguising his bill as anything but a shot against President Barack Obama (though he says he doesn’t believe Obama is an “illegal”): “I was shocked that somebody’s running for president and there’s this question,” Metcalfe said, according to a Lancaster Online article. “Why doesn’t our process thoroughly ensure we don’t have that question?”

So, who’s asking the question besides anonymous Web conspiracists in small comment boxes, publicity whore Donald Trump and World Net Daily writers? The lawmaker doesn’t say. He’s simply aware of the question. And that counts!

Of course, the “question” of Obama’s birth can be answered – as can most conspiracies the right drools upon – with a 3-second Google search, but whatever. Google is part of the conspiracy. Barack Obama’s newspaper birth announcements are part of the conspiracy, too. Pictures of Obama in Hawaii as a child: Photoshop hack job! Uh, let’s just say everything that doesn’t fit in the Geo Prism-sized hole that is the wingnut’s scope of world is part of it, OK?

Fun Question: There’s no record of Barack Obama becoming a naturalized citizen (obviously.) One thing I can’t find is, once they find out he faked his birth and is actually a “sekrit bush doctor/Muzlin,” does he get deported back to Kenya or Indonesia as the hero king who fooled the silly US of A? Do we try him here?


UPDATE: PoliticsPA reports that PA Democrats are “raising $$” over this bill. As they should.

3 Responses to “ SURPRISE! There’s a ‘Birther Bill’ in PA, Too ”

  1. Tracer Bullet says:

    They just introduced The Onion in Philadelphia so you just got fooled by an Onion story, right? Right?! OH, GOD, TELL ME IT’S A HOAX! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH.

  2. Iska Waran says:

    The wisdom or folly of Metcalfe’s bill does not depend upon the merits or demerits of Metcalfe.

    This bill is utterly logical. Those who say we “should worry more about other problems in Pennsylvania” are disingenuous. If the bill were quickly enacted without diversionary democrat contentiousness, then elected officials could turn their attention to other problems. There is no logical reason not to require that candidates establish their eligibility for the office they seek. Democrats should promptly accede to this reasonable requirement so that we can move on to other issues. Their objection to this bill only raises questions about what it is they so greatly fear – making evident how important and necessary this bill is.

    Pass the bill quickly so that we can move on. As Barack Obama has said, “the only people who don’t want to disclose the truth, are people with something to hide”.

  3. Barry Indo says:


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