DAILY GRINDER: Liquor Control Board Offers ‘Modernization Ideas’

Because people like lists, the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board is offering the very hip, ‘Ten proposals for modernization.’ Included: 1) A Consumer Relations Marketing program, 2) direct shipping and direct delivery, 3) remove the ‘no more than 25 percent of the state stores open on Sunday’ requirement, 4) increase licensing fees, 5) change the way it buys its goods, and so on. Missing from the list: Please don’t shut us down. Pretty please? [PA Independent]

In light of Rick Santorum officially declaring a committee to explore finding ways to get children to pay Social Security, Wonkette reminds us of this: “Santorum has his very own fetus story, but unlike Barbara Bush, when his wife miscarried in 1996, they didn’t stick the thing in a jar and put it on display. Santorum wrapped the dead fetus in a blanket, took it out of the hospital, and ‘spent several hours kissing and cuddling Gabriel [the fetus] with his three siblings.’ Sure, a miscarriage is a sad and rather strange experience for anyone to suffer, but, uh: ‘They took photos, sang lullabies in his ear and held a private Mass.’” [Wonkette]

Remember when Citgo dumped 265,000 barrels of heavy crude oil into the Delaware River? No? It’s OK, it happened in 2004, when “Cool Cal” was still the president and no one had ever heard of “The Twitters.” You’re not expected to remember that. Anywho – a Judge finally ruled on the case. And as it turns out, Citgo does not have to pay the $177 million it cost to clean up the much because there is no evidence the tanker “knew or had reason to believe that the anchor was in the river.” [AP]

Sweet! Pennsylvania unemployment is down at 7.8 percent, .2 percent lower than February and a full point below where we were a year ago. [WITF]

City Council voted upon, and Mayor Michael Nutter signed, a bill that closes a campaign contributions from PACs loophole. This happened in light of a certain Council member getting a gigantic contribution from the city electricians’ union. We’re hearing the bill’s unofficial name is, “Hey, Bill Green! You suck!” [Inky]

Some people care about a poll that says voters suddenly prefer Dan Onorato to Governor Tom Corbett. “Voters” always prefer the person they didn’t vote for after they see the person they did vote for doing their job. [Commonwealth Confidential]

The “condoms for 11 year-olds” thing is all over the place at the end of this week. And we just want to say one more thing (hopefully) about it. If you’re pissed 11 year-olds qualify for free condoms, don’t vent your anger at the government. They’re just looking at statistics. If you accept the fact that 11 year-olds and sometimes younger inner-city children are sexually active, and look at the situation pragmatically (Fox News makes the analogy, you can’t make people skinny by giving them jump roaps, which, uggghhh), you begin to realize there can often be more than one step in responding to a problem severe as this is. Offering free rubbers is one of those steps. [That’s just like, my opinion, man]

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