Sign of the times: The Philadelphia Orchestra has filed for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy protection. “This decision was based upon several critical financial challenges currently facing the organization, specifically its rapidly dwindling operating funds and a structural deficit of $14.5 million.” [Some Press Release]

Facepalm: “Conservative media outlets” are so self-conscious about there being no “young conservative voices” in the media that whenever there’s a “young conservative voice” somewhere, they treat it like Rafiki to Simba atop Pride Rock. The Washington Times is no different. And their bizarre “Being Young, Conservative and Spicy” page has gotten all up in Philly’s condom business, not only blaming Michelle Obama (!) for our local government’s new program but actually relating the practice back to – surprise! – The Communist Manifesto. They’re not joking, folks. They never are. [Washington Times]

Senator Bob Casey wants federally-funded agencies across the USA to report harassment settlements a la former PHA head Carl Greene and fire those found to have engaged in such harassment. That’s a win for Casey, doing some local legislating on the federal level. [Inky]

On the other hand, dude’s gonna have some problems with the anti-choice crowd (of which he claims to be a member?) Casey officially voted against cutting off funds for Planned Parenthood, in a vote that was designed to target him and others like him, who claim to support right wing radicals, but rarely do. We feel for the anti-choicers, because besides the feeling in his heart (?), Casey hasn’t done much to show he’s on their side like he said he’d be. [Post-Gazette]

Stephanie Singer,
who’s eyeballing Marge Tartaglione’s City Commissioner position, recently released a flyer for her campaign claiming Tartaglione took “$308,625 of YOUR MONEY.” Problem is, the number’s more like $288,136, according to Philly Clout. After Clout pointed this out to the campaign, they sent a message seeming to say the number doesn’t matter. We love the way campaigns think if they double-down on a false statement, it becomes true. [Philly Clout]

Yesterday, Palm Sunday, the Philadelphia Archdiocese distributed an insert for churches to hand out with their news bulletins. It detailed the lengths the church has gone to clean up the sex acts they’ve become well known for. [FOX]

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