DAILY GRINDER: Music Venue Opening in Fishtown

Developer David Grasso’s plan to put a new Live Nation music venue on Richmond Street in Fishtown is a step closer to becoming a reality. Zoning legislation for the 7,600-square-foot space is headed to a city committee hearing. The venue will allegedly hold up to 3,000 people. Music promoter Tayyib Smith says the section of Fishtown that’ll house the venue is currently a place “I wouldn’t allow my worst enemy to go.” [Plan Philly]

Game over. Philly Clout claims victory over the Singer campaign for city commissioner – their estimate of Tartaglione’s Deferred Retirement Option Plan payment was right! She was off by $20,489, in spite of persistent press releases stating otherwise. Good thing arguments over semantics lasted so long. [Philly Clout]

One-hundred and five Marcellus Shale wells were shut down yesterday after another fluid spill. [Newsworks]

A new, tightly-packaged bill in Harrisburg would…wait for it…pound unions using a multi-pronged approach. It’d eliminate “automatic deduction of union dues,” prevent automatic deduction from paychecks to PACs and, of course, enact “Right to work” legislation. [PA Independent]

Former governor Ed Rendell is joining a fundraiser for First District Council candidate Joe Grace next Wednesday Friday. Think you can make it? Tickets are only thousands of dollars. [Joe Grace]

Lenny Dykstra has posted a $150,000 bond for his federal embezzlement case. [Forbes]

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