State Medical Marijuana Bill Goes Live (Updated)

As we reported here on Monday, a medical marijuana bill –Senate Bill 1003 — has been introduced into the Pennsylvania state senate. Now that bill, referred to the Senate Public Health and Welfare Committee, has also made its way onto the Pennsylvania state government website. Which makes it official. And now we wait.

As noted, SB 1003 is essentially mirror legislation of House Bill 1393, which was debated and eventually died in 2010. PhillyNORML reminds us of the hearings which took place then:

Dr. Harry Swidler, an Emergency Medicine physician, said at the hearings: “Marijuana is non-addicting. There is no physical dependence or physical withdrawal associated with its use. It is, from a practical standpoint, non-toxic. Marijuana is safer by some measures than any other drug. There is simply no known quantity of marijuana capable of killing a person.”

Renowned forensic pathologist Dr. Cyril Wecht testified before the HHS Committee in August 2010:  “I have personally performed 17,000 autopsies and reviewed 36,000 other postmortem protocols signed out by pathologists throughout the United States. I have never attributed a death to marijuana overdose, nor have I ever seen such a death certificate issued by any coroner or medical examiner.”

Pennsylvanians For Medical Marijuana say the current bill, once in committee should be renamed “The Governor Raymond P. Shafer Compassionate Use Medical Marijuana Act.” Shafer was Governor of Pennsylvania from 1967-1971 and a national leader of the moderate wing of the Republican Party (remember when that was a thing? “Moderate”?)

He was appointed by President Richard Nixon as chairman of the National Commission on Marijuana and Drug Abuse, and his panel would recommend marijuana “should not be placed on Schedule I of the federal Controlled Substances Act” and “should be decriminalized at the federal level.” Nixon, of course, ignored the suggestions (after all, Shafer had given the nominating speech for Nelson Rockefeller at the 1968 Republican Convention) and conservatives decided Shafer was a general nuisance after that. He died in 2006.

UPDATE: Sen. Daylin Leach released the following statement to Philly NORML with regards to the bill:

“I’m happy to have re-introduced Senate Bill 1003 and am hopeful it will be brought up for consideration by the Legislature. It is a common-sense bill that would simply give sick people access to medication so they feel better. Countless studies show marijuana can alleviate the side effects of many diseases.  It’s time we give Pennsylvanians access to the treatment they need and deserve.”

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  1. [...] and Northeast Philly, says more advocacy needs to be done to move Senate Bill 1003forward. The 2011 bill, introduced by Sens. Leach,Farnese, and others, would legalize medical marijuana in Pennsylvania. [...]

  2. Richard Strumila says:

    Long time listner, first time caller.”sorry had to say it.”
    just would like to say that you guys are doing a great job and should be proud of what you are doing for your fellow man. It takes a great amount of work and courage to change the world. Keep it up, and god bless.

  3. [...] Pennsylvania The state senate will soon vote on SB 1003, which would legalize medical marijuana in the state. The bill may be renamed “The Governor [...]

  4. Matt says:

    My wife suffers from severe epilepsy and this would offer an amazing alternative to narcotic painkillers. Hoping very much that this goes through.

    That said, if this is a wordpress blog, for god’s sake install Akismet. Get rid of all this ridiculous spam.

  5. Kyle says:

    I definately agree that marijuana should be legalized. Having been a smoker for some time now, i can say that there really is no bad side to it at all and it really helps with my back pains. Why not let it help with everyones pains or illnesses? Also, noone ever even gives it chance and just assumes that its this terrible drug. I mean it grows out of the ground..its a natural plant. The only time it may harm you is if someone tampers with it, adding harmful and unnessessary things to it. Another thing is, the crime rate will go down, maybe not much but it still would make a difference. People wont be getting themselves in trouble and beat up and shot trying to sell marijuana because it will be sold in stores LEGALLY! And lastly, noone will have to worry about having seizeres and being hospitalized because of toxic chemicals like the legal insence they had out for a while before they actually started testing the crap! Marijuana will be grown naturally and sold in stores safetly and the world will be happy.

  6. joe says:

    when will it be decided? Can anyone help?

  7. steve says:

    I love what your doing for your state and people alike, now you just need to get the word out! Living in PA and a pro marijuana advocate I want to support this bill the best I can, but I can no do this alone. That being said i was unaware of this bill up in till recently when i decided to some research on what my state’s stance on the matter was. This movement needs more advertising, get the fact that this could be a possibly if giving the right support, because i know more would be supporting this if more knew about it.

  8. dave says:

    Legalize it and i will advertise it. . Peter Tosh

  9. dwayne says:

    PA needs to help me and alot of other people. By medically leaglizing cannabis everone wins except the cartel people in the drug world , they lose. I have chrones disease and cluster head aches along with chronic back syndrom that is very painful every day.Cannabis helps these conditions but leagally im precribed morphine for my pain . I always thought people who were dieing got a slow drip morphine system put up by hospice.please allow me pennsylvania wants me to use this instead of cannabis wich is less harmful. I beg you , please help me help pa make tax money and create jobs by signing yes to the cannabis bill. ty dwayne

  10. Gary says:

    Please legaliz it PLEASE!!!!!

  11. tom says:

    it is a shame we are still in the dark ages. my mother told me that 20 years ago when her father had cancer that they had someone get them some illegal cannabis to help him, just so he cold eat. we are still trying to get this help for people in need. maybe go to one less election fund razor and get some work done.

  12. colton says:

    anybody have any ideas when the vote should take place?

  13. Droopy says:

    its only a plant

  14. Patrick says:

    This would be amazing I have a bad case of scoliosis an I wont take pills I don’t want to end up like my parents/grandparents, would just like something to release the pain.

  15. dave says:

    if america leagalizes marijauna they will not have 2 waste taxpayers money fighting the cartels and drug wars on marijuana. think about it mexico and columbia ia not trying to smuggle alchol in 2 the united states because we leagealized it. grow it here sell it here to people that benifit and boost our economy

  16. dave says:

    this product being leagalized will create jobs and boost economy leagalize it now…………….

  17. chuck says:

    The benefits of pot are overwhelming, and to numerous to mention, but as long as the pharmaceutical and alcohol companies fund political agendas , its an up hill fight . The benefits far out weigh consumption of alcohol and most man made meds . Alcohol has contributed to so much suffering over the yrs the numbers are staggering . So many people lost from DUI wrecks, weather they were drinking or hit by somebody that was, senseless shootings because of alcohol being consumed , burglaries, rapes, assaults ,most every violent crime has an alcohol related stamp on it . PROVE ME WRONG , you cant, its true .All the pill dependent people walking around . Give it up all you political war mongers sucking on the pharmaceutical and alcohol makers tits for your fund support , stop with the bureaucratic bullshit. Ever wonder how many wars were put into place while discussing plans over a shot or two of whiskey, you can bet plenty !
    Lets look at the violent crimes stamped with pot on them …………… wait still looking……………….still looking……………still looking……………….still looking……………… get the picture yet. Hey government wake the F up, and watch crimes go down nation wide , rite before your war mongering eyes!!

  18. tyler says:

    I hope they legalize it or decriminalize it because its only a plant and i know someone who almost died from cancer and he smoked pot look he’s still alive STOP THE DRUG WARS LEGALIZE MMARIJUANA

  19. dwayne says:

    well its november 13 2012 no vote yet no intentions of voting and governer corbett said he would veto it. lets put it up for a vote among the people.

  20. Jeff says:

    There is no doubt it needs legalized. Some states even legalized for recreational use… also like chuck said, “as long as the pharmaceutical and alcohol companies fund political agendas , its an up hill fight.” Big pharmaceutical companies especially because they are still unable to creat synthetic thc. Until they can do it and patent it to make big bucks, they will be against it. I highly suggest that you watch “How Weed Won the West.” It is a documentary and the facts in it hold up to be true….

    One last thing, its not going to happen just by leaving it to this vote people are waiting for. Especially in Pa. People need to get awareness out there and more people need to be active in the fight for it. It has been months and this article only has 19 or 20 comments. It just isnt enough though. Those people who are trying and have commented, keep it up and try to get more people involved.

  21. Charles says:

    I’m a user from the 70’s who quit early 90’s. What I sampled about 10 years ago was pretty messed with. Not sure what’s going on w/ weed these days. Is some of it being sprayed w/ something?

    I support legalization. I now have fibromyalgia & think it would be a great help w/ that. If Corbett won’t support it, he needs to be voted out.

  22. Mr Happy says:

    I am hoping very much this goes through. There are many diseases out there that this PLANT wil help others in tremendous ways. Charles I highly recommend it in your case, it will release joint pain and help you become a little bit more mobile. The strains of marihuana they have available for the normal consumer makes it much easier to get high grade potencies meant just for what you need and want out of it. I could agree with people till I am blue in the face. But I ask you this, what side affects at the end of their commercials. This will only make you hungry, tired, humorous, relaxed and thirsty. A lot better sounding then the medications that are out there today with their wierd side affects. Haha VOTE YES.

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