DAILY GRINDER: Corbett: There are Things to Use Surplus on Besides School. Things Like Nothing.

Governor Tom Corbett does not want to use a “growing state cash surplus” to ease his devastating spending cuts in, say, education. He cites “the generational cycle of these children, so that they have a Pennsylvania to live in, to grow up in and raise their children in.” Protesters, not happy. Parents, pissed. Four-hundred Philadelphia teachers being laid off, same. [AP]

Santorum in wake of Osama Bin Laden’s death: President Obama has made America less safe. Ho ho ho – at least he didn’t claim, as Pamela Geller did, that Obama took out bin Laden because of a threatening military coup against him! [Politico]

The Free Library is offering free downloads of music…yeah, really. It’s like Limewire without reading about multi-million dollar lawsuits against teenagers in Missouri, considering the repercussions, then saying to yourself, “Nah, that won’t happen to me.” [Newsworks]

That smoking hot Philadelphia firefighter who posed without a shirt on for a charity calendar has been reinstated. [CBS]

Krispy Kreme opens today in Center City. OH GOD WE WANT SOME NOW [NBC]

District Council 33 rallied around Milton Street outside city hall yesterday – like he had a shot at winning the mayoral race. Don’t believe us? “He’s about the community. He’s about poor people. He’s about working people,” said Matthews in an introduction. “He reminded me of the things he has done, and I said, why not support a man with a track record of helping working people? Sisters and brothers, I give you the next mayor of Philadelphia, Sen. Milton Street!” (Direct quote from Philly.com.) For his part, Street told the crowd they weren’t spoken for in the city and wouldn’t be as long as Nutter was in office. [Heard in the Hall]

There’s a ‘preparedness drill’ being conducted by Philly police today – that means sirens at 10:30am. [NBC]

Look at this video of Bob Casey being asked who’s the most influential journalist right now, at an MSNBC party. “Do you really expect me to give you an answer to that one? They’re all wonderful.” Thanks, Bob! [MSNBC/YouTube]

Darrell Clarke has got the Inky endorsement for his fifth district seat. [Inky]

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