DAILY GRINDER: Is Acting Sheriff Deeley Valid?

Democrat sheriff candidate Jacque Whaumbush has filed a lawsuit on behalf of Philly homeowner Glenda Sanders seeking an order in U.S. District Court that would declare Acting Sheriff Barbara Deeley “not, and never was, the Sheriff” and therefore, sheriff sales that took place under her reign would be deemed invalid. The point is an interestingly legit one: Deeley, though nominated by former Governor Ed Rendell on January 3rd for a takeover when Green hit the road, had her nomination withdrawn by Governor Tom Corbett on March 4th. She was, therefore, never confirmed by the State Senate. [Daily News]

Seventy-four Emergency Homeowners Loan Program applications have been approved by Pennsylvania for families facing foreclosure, so far. Six-hundred more are waiting. [Daily News]

Nothing against the Philadelphia Bicycle Coalition, but just because they say Philly has “twice as many bicycle commuters as any other big city in the U.S.” doesn’t necessarily make it so. Most of the stuff in this report is based on research conducted by them and as we know from our time studying politics, internal polling is usually off by at least a little, and it always favors the one doing the poll, especially when there’s a reward to be had. Our skepticism may be 100 percent wrong, but as long as the Bicycle Coalition conducts its own research, there will be questions. [Some Bicycle Coalition PDF]

Related: Want to bike up and down Fairmount Avenue? They’re painting up some new bike lanes there. (Pennsylvania Avenue to Broad) [Some e-mail]

Rolling brownouts loom: There’ve been 20 Philadelphia fire deaths so far in 2011. [Fox]

If the state legislature won’t do it, maybe the federal government will. Pat Meehan, Pennsylvania Republican of Wingnutistan, is pushing federal legislation that would ban the big bad bathsalts, permanently! He made his announcement yesterday at CHOP. [Fox]

Republicans don’t want to even think about using that sudden excess revenue in the state budget for anything! That’s how we got in this mess in the first place! Right? Guys? [PA Independent]

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  1. Danny B says:

    (Acting) Sheriff Deeley’s nomination was scuttled by the Harrisburg GOP only after they confirmed the endorsed GOP candidate in Montgomery county, which is a nice way of them saying “drop dead” to Philadelphia.

    This is going to be a long four years of King Corbett

  2. Jamillah says:

    This whole scram was set up in backrooms by the Democrats to block & protect for who they consider is the front runner in the Sheriff’s race. It was done so quickly ,and lack transparency may very well be illegal.Add to the deal the MOU ,set up by Mayor Nutter, out going Rendell,and others. I hope we can get answers soon.

    I was shocked by the Inquirer’s endorsement , shame on them.

    All of that advertisements adds to the cost of property sales.

    Only the VOTERS can make it right !! VOTE ON TUESDAY MAY 17.

  3. Angelique says:

    No one knows anything about Barbara Deeley. She has applied for custody of my best friend’s son, with my friends ex-boyfriend , Michael Mostak, after he took him from his supervised visit from the Trump Marina in NJ, across the bridge to Philadelphia and applied for Emergency custody there. The judge, after awarding him temporary custody in Philadelphia, did not even ask who had full custody at the time or even for any documentation. Needless to say, my best friend had full temporary custody until Mostak did intensive Domestic Violence counseling and Anger Management classes. Mostak,
    who not only held the SWAT team at bay in August 1999, was under investigation by the DEA for drug sales at his once owned bar on Frankford Ave. in Philadelphia, but also has 6 restraining orders against him from women in Philadelphia & NJ including my friend and biological mother of Mostak’s son. Ms. Deeley was informed of this by Bernice MCloughlin, at the Family Court’s adoption unit, who seemed to be in “cohorts’ with Ms. Mclaughlin, not only informed Ms. Deeley of this but also put the child’s life at risk with this man. After Mostak cheated on her, she went to my girlfriend and told her “it is all my fault you lost custody of your son.” She apparently bragged about “knowing all the judges involved and the worker’s who helped her get me to the judges by “using my status as Deputy Sheriff.” She made 134 phone calls to my best friend within the next year and informed her about how she knew of Mostak’s drug dealings but knew my girlfriend had her hands tied behind her back since she was involved also in helping Michael Mostak terminate the rights of the biological mother by abuse of her “power.” Not only was my friend accused of being a drug addict by Judge Padilla, with 3 negative hair studies, and then said that was not the reason for the termination. Judge Olzewski turned around and terminated her rights accusing her of “Parental Alienation” when Barbara Deeley knowingly withheld information of how the biological mother was desperately trying to stay involved in her child’s life. Mostak had, on numerous occasions, thrown out things delivered by the biological mother including birthday gifts, Easter baskets and various other gifts throughout the year. Ms. Deeley also lied in court about how my girlfrined’s child called her “MOM.” She confessed to my girlfriend that he calls her, “Barb” and that the child calls his 86 y.o.
    grandmother “Mom” and thinks his biological mother is DEAD. Pretty sick huh? Now you know what our Sheriff’s office has been up to. My girlfriend has ALL the records to prove what I am saying and the DAILY NEWS was informed of all this and then backed out of doing the story. Wonder why?
    Barb Deeley has backed out of adopting this child after all of this and now thanks to her and Bernice Mcloughlin of the Adoption Unit, this child now 7, has no mother. Ms. Mcloughlin received a call from my best friend informing her of this and apparently played the message for Barbara Deeeley saying that the mother was “nuts.” I didn’t realize that a mother wanting for her child to have a “mother” was considered “nuts.” That’s where Ms. Mcloughin crossed the line. I would hate for any other mother out there to come in contact with Ms. Deeley or Bernice McLoughlin in their lifetime.

  4. Angelique says:

    By the way, I voted for Tom Corbett!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Angelique says:

    And Allyson Schwartz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Best elects that ever hit Philadelphia!!!!!!!!

  6. Angelique says:

    To Ambassaor (Via Barb Deeley and Michael Mostak)
    A lab company NEVER has the wrong results!!!!! If you are addicted to opiates, I can Help! Most of all appaling is someone addicted to drugs, like Ms. Deeley and Mostak, and selling them, and accusing people of doing them is even worse.

  7. Angelique says:

    Both Michael Mostak and Barb Deeley are under investigation by 3 different police departments!!!!! Thanks to Aleshia my friend was able to obtain photos and documentation. Good job Girl!!!!

  8. Debbie S. says:

    Everyone knows that name…..Michael Mostak…..how could a woman like Barbara Deeley get involved with such a man. All of Philadelphia knows he is nothing but bad news. I don’t know the mother of their child but I can imagine the hell she went through with this man. And has he had drug testing? If Ambassador says that the drug tests are the opposite, then if Mostak had testing and it was negative for cocaine, (which we all know could never happen), then it was truly positive. And who said the drug testing was done by AMbassador anyway? I hope Angelique caught that!!!!!! Good luck to you and your friend Angelique. Just remember, the child will have to turn 12, 13, 16 and 18. At any of these ages he will find out the truth about his father anyway. So don’t sweat it~~~~

  9. Debbie S. says:

    And as far as Barb Deeley…..sounds like she used the child as a pawn to get what she wanted…goes to show you how corrupt the Philadelphia system is? And did John Greene even have a clue as to who she was bringing into his office. I saw a picture of him on the internet toasting John Green and Mayor Nutter. Talk about leeting SHIT into therir office.

  10. piece of shit says:

    Mostak is garbage…… enough said

  11. rb says:

    You are 1000 % correct. I will address this issue .,……. 2 PIGS

  12. rb says:

    Some people deserved to get F&&&&&&cked

  13. rb says:


  14. Angelique says:

    RB…I wish I knew who you were…….I don’t know what those two pigs did to you but I really need help trying to bring them down. If you want to contact me please do @ rdms1363@aol.com

  15. Karma says:

    Guess it all comes down too: Woman Scorned! Someone knows the Whole-Truth……Of The Matter! Accusations, Speculations…? It has been 10 YEARS…..RB, Angelique, and all concerned…..Do not be worried! Kinda Late For That…Yes?

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