DAILY GRINDER: Now Philly’s ‘Good’ For Single Men (CNBC Says So)

Suck it, Men’s Health: CNBC, a news organization that provides information other than “1,740 cool fitness, health, sex, career, abs, parenting, diet, cheating on your wife, eating steak, becoming a manager, making protein milkshake, tips!” every month between airbrushed male muscle porn for straight guys, says Philly is actually one of the 10 best cities for single men. So there. [CNBC]

Want to read something that’s wrong in almost every way possible? Check out this op/ed (?) praising City Council. The author argues we are in the golden age of Council for a bunch of bad reasons. One of which: “its examination of alternatives to the counterproductive business-privilege tax.” Let’s all commend City Council for examining things. Oh, and they “derailed draconian efforts to close libraries.” On DROP: It’s the media’s fault for paying attention to this issue and losing sight of all the good stuff. How? Just, how. [Philly.com]

Speaking of which, City Council is changing the zoning code, a little. Soon you’re going to be able to start a business in your house without having to get a variance. Strangely, it’s Brian O’Neill, a Republican, who’s against this. [Newsworks]

Councilman Frank DiCicco has something to say before he leaves City Hall for good. He doesn’t like you, homeless person. He doesn’t like your screaming, your begging. He doesn’t like you, not one bit! So he’s getting all Rudy Giuliani on your ass. He’s introduced a bill that would allow police to remove the homeless from the streets if Philly’s finest determine that person needs medical attention or psychological help. (We left out a bunch of “air quotes” from the last sentence, by the way.) [Daily News]

Ahh, the old ‘you’re a cop, you shoot yourself and blame it on a black person, you agree to admit you shot yourself so long as you don’t get in any real trouble for it’ trick. Turns out, that doesn’t sit too well with some activists and lawyers in the city, who claim police Sgt. Robert Talston put every black man in West Philadelphia at risk when he made up the lie last April. They want District Attorney Seth Williams to charge him. [Daily News]

How come Jon Runyan gets to see dead Osama bin Laden photos and your everyday, anonymous, all-caps conspiracy theorist doesn’t? [Fox]

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