DAILY GRINDER: Prove Everyone Wrong and Vote

Rain has a way of being synonymous with ‘not voting.’ Don’t do that. I mean, really? Rain? C’mon. District Attorney Seth Williams said, for this reason, he expects voter turnout “will be low.” (Assuming it starts raining later.) Prove him wrong. Say, ‘I’m not afraid of water!’ [Philly Clout]

Also, just go ahead and prove everyone wrong while you’re at it. All the news outlets are going to be talking about the rain today and how it’s making you stay away from voting. And on the 11:00 news, they’re going to be all like, ‘See? No one voted.’ This is city government. There won’t be any lines going around the block. [News organizations throughout Philly]

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Check your voting place at the Committee of Seventy’s ‘Online Citizen Guide.’ [Seventy]

Electing judges by popular vote is idiotic. Exhibit ‘A’ for Abortion: Philadelphia Common Pleas Judge Paul Panepinto, who may very well get elected to Commonwealth Court come November, has listed himself as Roman Catholic and ‘pro life’ on his website. What does this mean? Will be a rogue judge? Defy the U.S. Supreme Court? We don’t get it. [Inky]

Republican City Commissioner Joe Duda claimed he was endorsed by the International Association of Firefighters. He even sent out a mailer saying so. But like all good childhood tricks, he got caught. And he apologized. [Philly Clout]

And speaking of Republicans, here’s Heard in the Hall’s account of the endless cycle of passive and not-so-passive aggression the local Republican party manages to hurl at each other. Apparently, city Republicans Joe DeFelice and Matt Wolfe were both asked to leave the party’s “traditional pre-election lunch” by Vito Canuso, who’s in the position of either watching all his power slip through his hands later today, or holding onto the little power he has. [Heard in the Hall]

You know how Governor Tom Corbett was in surgery for spinal stenosis? Yeah, he’s OK. He’s working again. [AP]

Rick Santorum has made a quick face turn! Former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich (aka, He Without Principle) doesn’t like the GOP’s plan to maybe change Medicare. So what does good ol’ Rick do? He slams Gingrich and defends new hotness Rep. Paul Ryan. Ho ho ho. [The Hill]

And there’s still Bob Casey — there will always be. He spoke at Villanova University’s commencement on Sunday and two people – two! – waved signs. They said he doesn’t vote “according to Catholic doctrine.” (Exhibit ‘A’ for abortion, or something.) [Delco Times]

But the big news is, you vote today. Don’t forget.

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