Brown is ‘Apparent’ GOP Mayoral Candidate (Updated)

Karen Brown has won the GOP Mayoral race by 58 votes, the Inquirer is reporting, and has emerged as the apparent nominee to face Mayor Michael Nutter.

This comes after absentee votes were counted. Provisional votes have not been counted but officials say there are too few to change the outcome of the race.


Chris Brennan at Philly Clout notes the following:

The big question is the some 900 provisional ballots cast last week at polling places by voters when election officials were uncertain about their registration.  The City Commission is still sorting those ballots and did not have a count as of noon on how many were valid votes and which political parties they came from.

We spoke with Featherman by email about the ‘apparent’ nature of this race being over in spite of provisional ballots being counted. He told us he’s doing “so much damage control today, because Warner’s article [which we blogged earlier] has affected my ability to fundraise for any potential legal challenge I might undertake. Supporters generally don’t contribute to candidates that have lost their races. So let me be perfectly clear. The race for the Republican nomination for mayor has not been decided. No one has won or lost the race.”

2 Responses to “ Brown is ‘Apparent’ GOP Mayoral Candidate (Updated) ”

  1. Larry W says:

    Any word on a recount challenge from John Featherman.

  2. Randy LoBasso says:

    We’re checking that out. You’ll know when we know.

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