DAILY GRINDER: Internal Poll Calls Nutter Odds-On Favorite, Not Too Bad On Eyes

It’s internal poll publicity time. Which means politicians will throw numbers at you, which will amount to, uh, absolutely nothing! Check this out: A Nutter Administration internal conducted by Garin-Hart-Yang finds Nutter’s got a 67 percent approval rating in the city (snort) and only 16 percent in the negative! (snicker) If he went up against Republican Karen Brown today, she’d get 17 percent of the vote (OK, that may be).

If Street were added into that mix (who, they say, has a 77 percent negative rating among white Philly voters…oh, and Nutter is more popular than Street with black voters, too), he gets 13 percent, Brown gets 14, Nutter gets 67. Cool, right? Too bad it’s meaningless. When politicos keep their internal polls private, that’s when you know something’s up. [Philly Clout]

Our favorite thing about Republicans (save Dick Cheney) is how their wives often “disagree” with them as it pertains to being a total dick. Governor Tom Corbett is no different. His wife likes the arts. Too bad. [Post-Gazette]

Bucks County Republican Rep. Marguerite Quinn is in. She wants a fee on Shale drilling. Will Corbett bite? After all, like he said during the campaign, FEES AND TAXES ARE TOTALLY DIFFERENT. Her fee would be a flat rate of $50,000 per well. [Tribune Review]

City Council barely touched DROP yesterday. By a 15-2 vote, they passed a bill that would alter the program, delaying eligibility “for two years for nonuniformed workers and by replacing a 4.5 percent interest rate on pension payments with a more conservative figure.” Yeah, yeah, but when has a politician ever found a way to legislatively take away his/her potential money? When has anyone done that? [Inky]

Want to talk on a cell phone while driving in the city? Can’t. Want to do it out in the burbs? A bill was just passed that would make talking on phones anywhere in the state punishable by $100 fine. [AP]

There’s a new Bob Casey challenger that isn’t just some YouTube/death panel signed wingnut. Maybe. His name’s Keith Loiselle, he’s from Western Pennsylvania and he’s a businessman, or as they may call him in his potential campaign commercials, “not a career politician.” [Big Tent]

Paid sick leave is still in the cards and the bill in City Council has so far been amended 20 times. [Newsworks]

And, yes. Of course. Think Progress notes that Rick Santorum “hinted” on CNN that, as president, he’d seek a federal ban of same-sex marriage. That’s just wacky ol’ Rick being Rick! [Think Progress]

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