Dan Rottenberg Backlash Swells

Reaction to Dan Rottenberg for writing a tone-deaf rape apologist’s manifesto as an editor’s letter in online Philly arts mag Broad Street Review continues to swell.

After taking a few minutes to register that Rottenberg’s column wasn’t a failed attempt at satire, I wrote a direct response to his ideas in this week’s issue.

Meanwhile, some local theater companies have banned Rottenberg, and anyone else from BSM, from attending performances—a move almost unheard of in a town where there are generally not many opportunities for theater to get reviewed.

“I’m so angry at the ignorance displayed in this article that it will be wise for me to cool off before writing a dignified response,” writes Madi Destafano, co-artistic director of Brat Productions. “But Mr. Rottenberg is not welcome to review shows at Brat Productions ever ever, ever again.” In a letter to Rottenberg after his column was published, Destefano wrote: “I suggest that you stop looking at women as targets and sexual objects and get a little education on the topics you want to cover as a journalist. And while it’s your right as a male journalist, and even though you should be able to celebrate yourself as a journalist AND a man, even a sexist ignorant pervy old man, I’d keep that celebration in your pants. At the very least keep it off of the internet where it is damaging to those who have been trying to set the records straight for years.”

“The Broad Street Review is no longer welcome to Flashpoint’s productions,” writes Thom Weaver, artistic director of Flashpoint Theatre Company. “This includes anybody from Broad Street Review, not just Mr. Rottenberg.”

Theater artist Cara Blouin is channeling her rage the best way she knows how: Dan Rottenberg is Thinking About R@ping You: An Educational Presentation, a theatrical interpretation of the editor’s offending column, will be held 10 p.m. on Sat., June 25, at Plays & Players with discussion at Quig’s Pub to follow.

Meanwhile, the Women’s Media Center, a media watchdog group founded by Gloria Steinem, Robin Morgan and Jane Fonda, has launched an online petition via Change.org titled “Editor Who Blamed Lara Logan for Her Gang Rape Must Go!”

“We call on the Publisher and Board of Directors of Broad Street Review to take Mr. Rottenberg’s offensive piece off the site and remove him from his position as editor,” declares the petition, which as of post time had more than 1,600 signatures.

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  1. [...] article drew a loud and angry response. The piece was called “vile” and a “rape apologist’s manifesto.” A number of Philly-area theater companies banned BSR critics from attending their performances. [...]

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