DAILY GRINDER: Pennsylvanians No Longer Have ‘Bath Salt’ Option When Mulling Night of Brutal Violence

Terrible ax-wielding parents of six are going to have to find new ways to entertain themselves, because Governor Tom Corbett has banned bath salts. [CBS]

And Corbett is a Twitterz! His first Tweet was on June 16. Follow him! [PoliticsPA]

Like Joseph Stalin and Hamas before them, companies drilling the Marcellus Shale are trying to get the serfs on their side by “repairing roads.” The president of the Marcellus Shale Coalition Katherine Klaber claims the drilling industry has spent a whopping $411 million on roads since 2008, proof they, and everyone else, don’t need to be taxed. [Newsworks]

Yesterday’s Nutter announcement that he wouldn’t sign the fake DROP “fix” into law is not news. Because, this happened:

June 8th, people! Though, to be fair, I guess nothing really means anything, ever. [The Twitterz!]

But City Council passed their back-pat by a 14-3 margin, which means unless Anna Verna and the like have a change of heart – they won’t – the DROP bill that went through Council is going to be shoved down Nutter’s throat and put into law. [Inky]

The city GOP had a small protest yesterday which involved both the Republican City Committee and those conservatives who hate them. [Heard in the Hall] Several conservatives in the city – of the “those who hate them” variety –were pissed this was originally called a “Karen Brown rally.” They say the RCC “hijacked the event.” [Philly Decline]

We feel like we’ve heard this one before: An agreement reached in Harrisburg yesterday puts Pennsylvania on track to have its first ‘on time’ budget in eight years. And money libertarian guy with beard Grover Norquist (Oh, and whose first name is very fitting) sent a letter to the legislature, now signed by 30 lawmakers, saying no taxes and definitely no fees. They’re the same! [PA Independent]

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