Philly Anti-War Demonstrators Protest Whatever’s Going On Libya


Whether you’re President Obama and call the US/NATO bombings in Libya a “military intervention” or you’re the rest of the world and dub it a war, it’s no surprise the America has again taken to the role of World Police and is spending about $700 million to bomb the fuck out of another nation that poses very little threat to us.

Congressman Dennis Kucinich (D-Ohio) says the U.S. is contributing “93 percent of the cruise missiles, 66 percent of the personnel, 50 percent of the ships and 50 percent of the planes,” totaling to a cost of $700 million, which is money that members of Philly Against War say should be used to fund schools and jobs instead of an international war.

“Libya is very problematic and very deceptive. To begin an operation and to say that the United States is leading the operation and then to say NATO is leading it, that makes no sense. The US is NATO. We fund it more than any other country,” says PAW member Robert Smith.

Smith and about a dozen members of Philly Against War protested outside City Hall Monday to renew its “antiwar movement” and call for the U.S. and NATO to pull out of Libya.

“We’ll spend as much as a trillion dollars on the wars going on overseas. What’s going on in Libya wasn’t even authorized by Congress,” says PAW member Salvatore Mastriamo.

That first number, $700 million, by the way, is just $71 million more that the School District of Philadelphia needed to plug up it’s $629 million deficit.

Just sayin’.

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  1. Peacefulpatriot says:

    Immediate action must be taken to remove Barack Obama from the office of the presidency. All those who plan to wait until elections are mistaken on the real political climate which is being created by Obama and you are a traitor to our republic and constitution if you are not intending to have him removed through impeachment or article 4 of the 25th Amendment. The elections have officially been ruled out of any true patriots frame of reference, not simply because all of the candidates are completely incompetent almost more so than Obama, but because Obama is the spitting image of an emperor Nero who now wishes to see the world engulfed in flames as he watches basketball. The President is making quite clear to the nations of the world that he has no regard for international law and to the people of the United States that he has no intention to abide by the law of the constitution, if we are willing to accept this than we deserve the destruction which he will bring us in this coming year. This man has proven his most significant thrill is unlawful execution and he dances on the graves of his victims on national television, this is an extremely dangerous form of criminal insanity. 

    His stationing of US troops in Australia show the true intention of his provocations of Iran and Syria is to engage the major Asian Nations in combat as they undoubtedly can not isolate the middle east any longer without turning their backs on treaty agreements which have been long standing. If you wish not to see a nuclear holocaust, remove Obama. The stated intention of Obama’s most favorite lady in all the world, Queen Elizabeth, is to reduce the worlds population down to 1 billion people, this is undoubtedly the purpose behind this drive for war. The nuclear option is the only option, should this escalate to where Obama is intending it to. We must remove him immediately.

    There is a highly regarded lawyer, Prof. Francis Boyle, who has offered his services free of charge to any government official who wishes to save this planet by raising articles of impeachment in the congress or senate for president Obama. He is asking every man woman and child to call their representatives and request this action be taken. This is an interview with him, please listen to it and share it with your contact base and call your reps as often as possible on this subject.

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