Mitt Romney was in Philly Today, Too

candidates070611_2_5601It’s nice to see the “Obama and Romney head-to-head grudge match! One on one! Live!” headlines today, but obviously this was not the case. Yes, both Republican Presidential candidate Mitt Romney and President Barack Obama were/are in town today, but at different times and different places. By the time Obama arrives, Romney will be getting off the Northeast Extension for a presser in Allentown.

Most news sources are talking about Obama’s money-making trip WHICH IGNORES THE LIBERTY BILL (suspicious, no?), so we’re going to focus on Romney(care), continually the saddest manbot running for president for, uh, how many years now? We don’t know. Five?

What we do know is that Mitt Romney sat down for breakfast in West Philly this morning. The breakfast took place at the Cira Centre and was hosted by Philly Republican fundraising rich dude (who seems to have all but given up on the, haha!, local Republican Party) Ira M. Lubert. We don’t know what he ate. We don’t know what he wore. We don’t know what he said. But assume all equate to “something focus-group tested.” The moral of the story: Romney’s trip was a total secret! Just like everything else about the dude.

Take his single accomplishment, for example: The Massachusetts health care insurance reform law (Romneycare for those keeping score at home). That’s the universal health insurance mandate in the state of Massachusetts currently approved by over 80 percent of residents, and the skeletal basis of Obama’s Affordable Care Act. Romney pretends this single accomplishment doesn’t exist. And the details are secret to those not willing to “Google it.” Why? The early 90s-Republican ideal of an “individual mandate” is socialism in 2011. Romney must have missed this. And we’re going to say we’re right about the socialistic law not being mentioned this morning over what may or may not have been egg beater omelets.

After the breakfast, Romney quickly headed north to Allentown where he’s pretending to care about “manufacturing jobs.” He will correctly call out Obama on the closing of Allentown Metal Works (with or without the help of Bill Joel), and pre-empted that call-out with this scary music/TV static commercial:

YouTube Preview Image

(We say “correctly” because Obama did say he’d convince gigantic corporations to make less money by bringing jobs they can outsource to [Impoverished Nation Here] “back to America” while he was running for president. And those businesses would magically pay those American workers’ living wages and healthcare, which obviously would not/could not happen!)

And in the meantime, Ed Rendell tried to pre-empt Romney’s trip to Allentown this morning by saying, in so many words, “no, you suck!” But admitted Republicans could, possibly, win Pennsylvania in 2012 with the right “coalition.”

Image: Unsportsmanlikeconduct

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