DAILY GRINDER: Does Your Name Appear on Trash? That Might Be a Littering Fine

Ever troll Ripoff Report? We do! It’s fun! Especially when you find a complaint from someone who says the city of Philadelphia is allegedly fining them $150 for “littering” because a piece of trash was found with their company’s name on it. Seriously! (And no, Mayor Nutter, those are not Philadelphia Weeklies strewn up and down Girard Avenue.) Here’s a clip of the report:

We recieved a code violation for littering in Philadelphia, at 743 South 6th Street, at 7:03am on June 15th.

We are not in Philadelphia our business is in New Jersey, Willingboro NJ to be exactly. We recieved this violation for $150.00 saying our name was on some litter? We are a retail business and have been in business for over 37 years, our name can be on many items that we do not have control over. Furthermore no one who works for us was in Philadelphia in June much less June 15th, we are a small retail store and I question all my employees.

Secondly anyone could put anyone’s name on litter including your name and leave it anywhere in the City and then the City of Philadelphia finds it and then sends us or you a fine for $150.00, which now we have to take time off from work to respond to a false statement. This is a heck of a way for Philadelphia to incur income just sending out random fines.

If Philadelphia has proof that someone from Sports Paradise of Willingboro drop litter in your City,  that would be different but no person responsible to Sports Paradise littered in your City. It is like saying every Coke can  you are going to fine Coke, or every Marlboro butt you are going to fine Marlboro.

Oh, the humanity. [Ripoff Report]

So, how should liquor stores be sold, when they’re sold, when that happens? Ha! As if Governor Tom Corbett knows! Or, at least, he’s keeping it a secret. [AP]

How’s this for a change to the city code: Since Philly has a higher percentage of elderly citizens compared to lots of other big cities, allow the building of what’re called “accessory dwelling units.” These are separate apartments that would allow the elderly to live near their family or caretaker. Critics of the idea are worried about parking, agreements, congestion, cars driving the wrong way down Market Street with their blinkers on, etc. [Newsworks]

The Revenue Commissioner wants to start publicizing water, sewer and PGW accounts to “embarrass deadbeats.” Don’t they do this, like, all the time? Note to City Hall: They don’t care if you try to embarrass them! That’s why they’re deadbeats! [CBS]

Your mom’s not the only one: A Philadelphia police station may have an infestation of bedbugs. [Newsworks]

And, 40 cats were found in a Northeast Philly home. Surprised? [Inky]

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  1. EmmKay says:

    I don’t owe on my water/gas/sewer bill, but isn’t publishing a list a names specifically prohibited by the Fair Debt Collection law?

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