Tom Knox Gets His City Job

knox and nutterTom Knox is officially “involved” in city government, and this is a cool thing for him. Because for the past, say, five months or so, the “millionaire businessman” has been pissed off at so many people who kind of did him wrong. He threatened to run for mayor, changed his party registration and made out like his passive aggressive campaign to defeat Milton Street in the general election was for the people. Then he was given a job evaluating whether city properties should be sold by the Nutter Administration, except the job didn’t exist, and Knox had nothing to do!

That all came to a head today, as Mayor Nutter held the press conference our Young Hero Tom Knox had been dreaming about since he was just a boy. A Mayoral Executive Order has created the “city real estate evaluation” job, after all – complete with a task force.

Knox will be chairing something called the Facilities Management Taskforce and it’s set to provide him with two years of busy work, at the helm of a group of 13 members appointed by the mayor from the world of Philadelphia academia, the bar association, building owners, the Chamber of Commerce, City Council and real estate.

Nutter and Knox told the audience in Room 202 that there are currently about 2,000 properties in the city that could be leased out or sold, giving unspecific ideas of how and what to do with them.

Knox said he was “looking forward” to this opportunity and that he planned on using his archived experience as Deputy Mayor for Management and Productivity under Mayor Ed Rendell, all those years ago.

The Task Force will present a final report to Mayor Nutter in two years which will contain recommendations and proposed policies on city leases, potential real estate opportunities, maintenance strategies and on facilities that may be sold, closed or merged, according to a press release given out at the event. Though most of the ideas surrounding what the task force will do on a daily grind basis are very unclear.

And actually, Mayor Nutter summarized the extent of this uncompensated gang’s Master Plans when he said: “Nothing’s been ruled out, nothing’s been ruled in.” Except, of course, Knox not running for mayor this year.

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