South Philly Food Co-op Utilizes Green Space, Live Music for Outreach Effort


While most Philadelphians retreated to air-conditioned homes yesterday, some South Philadelphia residents did the exact opposite, taking to a local park to enjoy some live music and dessert foods.


The South Philly Food Co-op, an organization started in 2010 that aims to bring locally grown and organic foods into South Philly hoods, set up a table at the Gold Star Park for a “Dessert Bake Off” last night. The event was one of its weekly “Thursday Nights Out with the Gold Star Park and the Co-op.”



The Knife & Fork Band provided music to attendees, most of whom picnicked on blankets in the grass.

Members of the co-op gave their spiel and registered new members for their organization. The co-op hopes to raise enough money to open a brick-and-mortar business in the neighborhood, possibly by early 2013.

“Our customer and member base is not just fine with [grocery stores]…[they are] people who depend on farmers markets,” says Dan Pohlig, a co-op member.


“I feel like I’m going back to the simplicity [lifestyle],” says Nicole Hostettler, a volunteer with Friends of Gold Star Park and member of the co-op.


And, of course, there was dessert.

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