DAILY GRINDER: With Greene Gone, PHA Is Doing Great! (Just Kidding.)

Twitter-aholic and Iowa Republican Chuck Grassley just hates public housing. And it’s his mission to eliminate all waste within the program, before his party eliminates the program all together, for freedom. So, Grassley recently found someone in the federal government willing to give into his demands to punish the Philadelphia Housing Authority now for its “sins” of the past. (Can we get a new Carl Greene file photo? Are there any?) HUD’s deputy inspector general, Michael P. Stephens, wrote a letter to Grassley, sealed with a kiss, saying he’s cool with stripping PHA of its “crucial flexibility to spend federal money.” You know things that bode well? This isn’t one of them! [Inky]

City Controller Alan Butkovitz has found an overall 1 percent decrease in overtime costs in public service jobs for the 2011 fiscal year. One percent is still a decrease, so back off. [Newsworks]

Some time ago, I wondered what the opening of an official Apple Store in Center City – and not the Chinese counterpart! – would mean for some “Apple Specialist” stores in the area, namely Springboard Media and Bundy Typewriter. That question’s been answered: Springboard is opening its third area location in this place The Philadelphia Business Journal calls Midtown Village, but you can call “Where the Gayborhood meets McGillans.” [Philadelphia Business Journal]

A ton of Philadelphia post offices – OK, six – are slated to close due to, well, lots of things. But one of them is the one at Ben Franklin’s house, which is the only post office in the country without an American flag because Ben Franklin was a terrorist coddling liberal, like Barack Obama there were no American flags when it opened. [AP]

Here is a full list of Pennsylvania post offices slated for closure. [USPS]

Senator Pat Toomey thinks the debt ceiling will be increased, just not on time, so ha! Oh, and since this is a cool thing to do now, Toomey is pushing his own bill. [AP]

Look at Fox 29’s Chris O’Connell get attacked on film while covering another animal hording story. You know you want to see it. [Philly Gossip]

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