Daily Grinder: You Say ‘Redistricting,’ I Say ‘Keeping Those With Power In Office’

Karen Brown

Republican Mayoral Candidate Karen Brown is still taking this election thing seriously. In a strange Barney-the-friendly-Dinosaur-meets-friendless-politicos-gathering every Tuesday in front of the Municipality Building, Brown does this crazy voodoo shit where she holds what is believed to be called a “public discussion,” NewsWorks informs us. That’s not a familiar concept to our City Council, 10 of whom are facing a reelection in November and who choose to instead practice Mean Girls inspired poli-cliques. Oh, like that one time when, instead of mandating all of Council to be a part of the redistricting process–which would force every meeting to be open to the public– they’ve instead selected a handful of Council to create a committee, which they can thereby hold secret meetings for kewl kidz only (aka the five Council members on the committee).

By the way, Council is TRIPLING the amount of public hearings it will hold about redistricting–to three–thanks Philly’s NAACP Prez Jerry Mondesire.

So…where were we? …Oh right! So then there was yesterday when Brown asked Nutter, while he was revealing his big anti-flashmob plan, “I want to know why it took so long for you to react?”  Nutter played cool and swiftly reflected the question. Brown would almost appear to look like a contender, too, if it wasn’t for that anti-Philly party she labeled herself. What is it, again? Oh yeah, the GOP.

Mayor Nutter put his nice gloves away yesterday and says he’s taking on Philly’s flashmobs with the city’s biggest gang: the PoPo! Philly’s flashmobs are no doubt ignorant and embarrassing. But they’re not nearly as brutal as the rampages that have been sweeping across London since police shot and killed a black man last week who may have first fired at police (British police are not allowed to kill. They only shoot to get the suspect down for arrest). Check out some pictures here.

Among other penalties children could face who participate in Philly’s violent flashmobs, some charter school students are facing expulsion, the Inky reports. We have no sympathy.

Philadelphia is leading the nation in making the American Dream into a reality. A fun new *interactive* (oh, snap!) map shows Philly to be the most affordable place to buy a home among the country’s five largest cities, so says TechnicallyPhilly. The article mysteriously leaves out what percentage of those living in Philly actually own their own home, but we would liberally guess at least five percent! …Six? (For serious, does anyone else’s landlord own their entire block?)

Some of Philly’s “laws encourage drunk drivers to flee the scene,” says the Inky. Does anyone in City Council think that’s a problem?

Metropolis is publishing a series about the greatness of Philly’s neighborhoods, or that’s what it seemed until they traveled to Kensington. “Lots of people are from Kensington. From, because they all left,” writes the author. He continues to explain the difference between Kenzo & their friendly next-door neighbors in Port Richmond: “Niggers and section 8 is what ruined Kensington. [It] won’t happen to us,” a resident describes, although from the beginning of the story you could have sworn it was the Irish who ruined it.

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