DAILY GRINDER: What China’s Economy & Philly’s Flash Mobs Have In Common

You may have had the pleasure of being recently FUBAR’d, and you probably deserved it after working your ass off all week. But being fucked up beyond all recognition is about 100 notches less cool now that the Philly Police Department of Firearms Identification Unit has taken advantage of the term to describe a cabinet of “property receipts for firearms and other evidence that the unit can’t find, and weapons that don’t have paperwork explaining why they are in police custody.” Webster’s would define that as: laziness.


Pennsylvania’s 253-member General Assembly is the largest full-time legislature in the nation, making messy debates that go on way to long, consuming unnecessary taxes from other services and is run as a plainly inefficient hot mess. But Gov. Corbett wants to change that and slash PA’s legislature. It would be nice to see the money saved go back to education.

U.S. Sen. Robert Casey Jr., D-Pa. remarked after touring a technology plant that “If China revalued its currency by 28 percent, it would mean an estimated 1.8 million jobs in the U.S.” That’s good economics and makes moral sense for America, but that also mean less jobs for China. And because economics is the study of financial incentives and not morals, China has no real reason to shift the way it does business. It’s up to good ol’ Washington to take proactive actions against everything that says “Made in China” as well as consumers who buy their products.

Students at Neshaminy, brace yourselves for a possible extended summer vacation: Your teachers have gone without  a contract since the seniors were freshmen and they’re finally considering to strike. Mayyyybe.

The world’s largest car-rental company, Enterprise, has bought the local nonprofit PhillyCarShare, NewsWorks reports. The new ownership allows it to expand its services and may soon offer electric cars. Prepare for violent protests from Philly’s cult of car-hating bicyclists.

Mayor Nutter’s message on the city’s antisocial flashmobs went international, again. He took the the airwaves of CNN yesterday to blame parents, saying “If you wanna have children, you have to take care of them.” The BBC has a piece that, in part, blames social media. Meanwhile, the Washington Post blames racial inequalities for triggering the violence. Who do we blame? Black parents who give their kids the modern conveniences of internet and cell phones, duh! But no matter who’s at fault, Nutter’s efforts to change the social behavior of youth heavily rely on the corporation and education of parents, youth and police, and time will tell if it will actually work.  Last week’s episode of This American Life features stories about thugs across the country and fortunately spares Philly from more embarrassment. But a particular story in the episode follows how one child, who seemed “more boy than criminal” stole vehicles, killed at least two people and escaped from prison after being there for just a month.  It pursues the question: Can these kids change?

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