PA Rep.’s Hilarious Fracking and STD Statement May Be True (Updated)


Turns out, Lancaster Democrat Rep. Mike Sturla may have been right about Marcellus Shale drillers “spreading sexually transmitted disease amongst the womenfolk” all along. To prove that point, the tippiest of all Hat Tips goes to Keystone Politics, who show us a Troy Community Hospital Study which said, among the problems near drilling sites (besides an ignorance of local regulations) are “an increase in sexually transmitted diseases” and “an increase in drug use and specifically ‘bath salts.’” They cite a Penn State report, as well, which lists “infectious diseases” such as STDs as a problem near drilling sites.

Given the horrendous implications of what might leak down to Philadelphia water should any Shale fracking go wrong, we’re a little freaked out about what else might come with the salty, poisonous ground fluid now, considering Philadelphia’s STD statistics are in Louisiana territory.

So, why the increase? They’re just Hardwerkin’ Common Keystone Folk like you and me, here to make a buck, right? Working hard?

Yes and no. Studies show a majority of Marcellus Shale parasites come from out of state (though sources also show many are from Pennsylvania, as well), specifically from the South where religious interests have taken over and/or muzzled sex ed and science, and where STDs are much higher per capita, if you’re to believe this incredible (and huge) chart that was linked to Phawker last year:

After this whole “Lancaster Democrat says you have diseases” thing was blogged by more sites than just Your PhillyNow yesterday, Sturla attempted to clarify his statement, saying calling female Pennsylvanians “womenfolk” is actually how the drillers think of them, and we all just didn’t get his wit. “That’s how I viewed how guys from Texas and Oklahoma that are coming in to Pennsylvania view the women in Pennsylvania,” he said.

Many on the left are calling criticism of Sturla a “shoot the messenger” attempt by the GOP and big business Shale interests.

“Everyone that I’ve talked to related to health issues in the Northern Tier says sexually transmitted disease have spiked,” Sturla said. And everyone he talked to, womenfolk included (?), may be right.

UPDATE: …And on the other hand, the evidence showing STDs around fracking sites may be, uh, anecdotal?

9 Responses to “ PA Rep.’s Hilarious Fracking and STD Statement May Be True (Updated) ”

  1. Bob says:

    You’re an even bigger idiot than Sturla

  2. Bryan says:

    I agree with Bob above, you are even a bigger idiot than Sturla.

    Your ignorant comments about people from Texas and Oklahoma are stunning, talk about prejudice. So many other absurd comments you made are not even worth mentioning.

  3. Liz R. says:

    Unfortunately it IS true, and it’s straining the healthcare system, and PA’s budget along with it. Yet another “hidden cost” of drilling, er, for gas… Liz R.

  4. George says:

    Liz R, how stupid are you? So new jobs are straining the health care system of Pennsylavania? Serioulsy, how idiotic are you.

    Do you realize those jobs created mean payroll taxes, state income taxes and the state gets royalties from the natural gas produced.

    These jobs are not straining the health care system Liz, they are PAYiNG for it, they are doing the direct opposite of what you claim.

    Drilling is a HUGE positive for Pennsylvania.

    But I guess you don’t have any hidden agenda do you Liz for

  5. John R says:

    State department of health data show STDs rising in shale-oil counties. But they are rising at the same rate in almost every county in Pennsylvania. Scott Detrow of NPR has a pretty good analysis of DOH stats at

  6. Liz says:

    No hidden agenda, George. I am opposed to drilling in watershed regions and state forests, and in favor of non-fossil renewables – much like new jersey state legislators and the country of france. That may make me a radical in your book. I can live with that, and the company it puts me in. I stand behind my reporting, and my opinions, and I welcome debate. No need for name calling and rudeness – that only sets back the much needed public discourse.

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  8. Dan says:

    Liz, While France has slowly been moving towards non fossile renewables, much like the US (Windfarms, Solar farms, tidal/wave energy) Spain has gone completely bankrupt and raised unemployment to nearly 20% by “Going green” with little thought about the economic impacts. Drilling has NEVER caused a case of contamination to aquifers, and they haven’t found frack chemicals in water either.

    I am all for safety, and all for preserving water safety, and as a hunter and fisher, probably more into preserving our countryside more than most, but lets actually look at facts not just opinions… Chris Christie put a moratorium in New Jersey because there is no drilling in NJ, it was symbolic more than anything, but he also vetoed the bill to outlaw it as it came across his desk…

    But really, to say natural gas strains out healthcare system is just ludicrous… Does your company pay MILLIONS in taxes every year? Mine doesnt, but these drilling companies are paying huge amounts of taxes, and part of that goes towards healthcare… My bet is that the cost of healthcare surrounding the nat gas industry is lower than that of say wal-mart, or starbucks; seeing as drilling companies most often have everyone carrying health insurance…

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