DAILY GRINDER: Now Comes Search for Ackerman Payout’s ‘Anonymous Donors’

The Inky says the $405 thousand in donations from “anonymous donors” helped speed former-Superintendent Ackerman’s departure. (Ya think?) Oh, and how’s this for shady: That money is going to be “channeled” through the Philadelphia Children First Fund so Ackerman can get it.

Meanwhile, the Committee of Seventy is making their presence known, since the elections have all become boring. They say the public has the right to know who these anonymous donors are. “If the donors are insisting upon [anonymity], find other donors,” Seventy President Zach Stalberg says in a news release. They insist transparency is important because of conflicts of interests involving SRC Chair Robert Archie, Jr. and now-Acting Superintendent Leroy Nunery.

Republican Council Candidate David Oh has released that “official statement” regarding the Daily News’ coverage of his military background (or, lack thereof)! …And it’s an apology, sort of, through comments on his Facebook page. He now says he was a “candidate” for Special Forces, not an actual Green Beret, as he has claimed for the past eight years. Allegedly, actual military officers have been posting angry tirades to Oh’s Facebook page. We’d love to read them, if only he’d accept our Friend Request! (Disclosure: we do not have a Friend Request out to Oh.)

Not weird at all: Tom Corbett’s administration has been borrowing money all over the place. Most recently, they got a $500 million loan from the state Treasury Department for state projects. Before that, they borrowed $650 in bonds for projects (which has run out). The Administration is supposed to pay these loans back some time in the fall. Just please, whatever you do, don’t raise taxes on the rich to pay for any of this. That would be socialism.

Santorum says stuff:

[[Congresswoman Maxine Waters is in hot water with people who spend their twilight writing racist comments underneath Politico articles linked to the Drudge Report. Why? Because she said the tea party “can go straight to hell” – and no one messes with the Tea Party! They are Real Americans! We can’t account for Rick Santorum’s whereabouts on the Angry Internet, but he did tell a New York City radio station that Waters is a “Caricature of what’s wrong with Congress, she is vile.” Below the article, one commenter writes this: “I'm white and the only people who are not racist are whites. let's face it. time to take away racial benefits.”

While most presidential candidates and Republican joke tellers were trying to find ways to congratulate President Obama on making the right move on Libya while also saying there should have been more brutal murder In The Name Of The American Lord, Rick Santorum was instead dropping what he’d probably call ‘Truth Bombs.’ He bluntly stated of Obama’s Libya actions (or, inactions, as it were): “this indecisive President had little to do with this triumph.”]]

Hillbilly Pot and bath salts, the perfect combo when you’re mulling a night out on the town as a crazy person, have been officially banned from sales in Pennsylvania. You forgot to get around to trying it, and that sucks. Sorry. There’s always the overpriced black market?

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