DAILY GRINDER: Son Blames SPCA for Mom’s Death

The PSPCA confiscated three of the dogs that allegedly murdered Carmen Ramos of North Philadelphia – but, three days later, the animals were returned, according to Ramos’ son. He, therefore, partially blames the organization, and says the violent animals should have been put to sleep. “It’s the SPCA’s fault, too, because they shouldn’t have given the dogs back to them. It’s 50-50, [the dogs] and the SPCA. Everybody complains about the dogs.”

A Pennsylvania judge has ruled the press (specifically, the owner of the Philadelphia Inquirer) is allowed to see former Philadelphia Archbishop Anthony Bevilacqua’s testimony before a grand jury with regard to (what else?) sex abuse. Bevilacqua’s own trial begins in February but he may be too deep in dementia and cancer to stand trial.

Philadelphia is renewing its information sharing agreement with the Department of Immigration and Customs Enforcement, in spite of some protests. Deputy Mayor Everett Gillison says looking into one’s undocumented immigrant status can be done when that person goes to jail and/or is arrested. However, people like Councilman Jim Kenney are worried about those arrested and questioned who’ve done nothing wrong.

Where is Congressman Chaka Fattah getting all this money, exactly? He recently announced five grants dedicated to University of Penn and Drexel totaling $1,907,120 for things like “The Archaelogy of Rural Rome” and “Improving Analysis of Microbial Mixtures through Sparse Reconstruction Algorithms and Statistical Inference.”

Police Officer Keith Corley II has been arrested for raping a woman in the back of his squad car while on duty. He’s the third police officer in two weeks to be accused of a violent attack against a woman.

The people of Holmesburg got their Zoning Board of Adjustment hearing yesterday with regard to the proposed methadone clinic, and it wasn’t pretty. Alan Yanovsky, who will own the Healing Way treatment center on Frankford Avenue, did not show up, though his lawyer, Carl Primavera said the nature of the office (whether a “medical office” as the original application states, or a “clinic”) is irrelevant and they’re doing everything by the book. He also said he hopes the protestors  back down before the case is forced into court.

You know that “round up the raccoons” law? The city doesn’t have to enforce it unless the raccoon in question has rabies or has invaded one’s home – and enforce it they won’t! Why? Because the city can’t afford it and is not required to go out and catch non-nuisance animals. That’s a win for the raccoon lobby, who’s been gaining a lot of power in the city – and statewide, actually – as of late.

The city of Harrisburg: More fucked that you ever could have imagined. If a plan isn’t put forth tonight to get the Capitol out of their current financial woes, the state will ransack the city and take it over in ways not seen since the USSR took Czechoslovakia, 1968. (Are we exaggerating? That’s yet to be known!)

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