DAILY GRINDER: Mayor Nutter’s Infomercial Protested by Off-TV Opponent

NBC 10’s infomercial for Mayor Nutter went off without a hitch! He urged people who sent in questions by e-mail and Twitter to pay their taxes and don’t cheat and generally be a good person, just like him. There were actually too many questions for him to get to. But know this (as NBC does): Mayor Nutter tweets!

Meanwhile, Republican mayoral candidate Karen Brown hung outside NBC studios, protesting her opponent getting all that free airtime while she is Karen Brown. NBC has agreed to give her some airtime at some point, too. For this, she declared victory in her 10-person Bala Cynwyd protest.

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie gave a speech at Republican Church last night (the Ronald Reagan Library; get it?) where he criticized everyone in the Washington DC garbage heap but wanted to make sure you know he’s not running for president. Or, at least, he has no plans to until he’s eventually “forced” to for the good of the country. He already sounds like he’s running, what with his “Congress sucks” and “Obama isn’t a leader” talk.

There was a triple shooting in South Philadelphia yesterday. A 2-year-old was shot twice and is listed in critical condition at UPenn Hospital. Police Chief Ramsey continues calling everyone involved in city violence stupid idiots.

CBS Philly helped create one of two very misleading Drudge Report headlines yesterday. Their “Thousands Line Up in Philadelphia for Food Stamps” story had everything Drudge needed: the inner-city, alleged poor people and food stamps, which that website has been pimping lately. Haha! (The other misleading headline involved a joke told by North Carolina Governor Bev Perdue which Drudge of course took as not a joke at all, but an Obama conspiracy.) What required some reading was the explanation that the food stamps were handed out from the city’s second FEMA office, to those who suffered damage from Hurricane Irene which ruined their food supply. Oh, and the media’s still pissed more people didn’t die during that “perfect storm of hype!”

Remember Dan Onorato? He ran for Pennsylvania governor and lost to Donahue! Well, some Democrats in Pittsburgh want him to run for mayor against Democrat Luke Ravenstahl, who is 31 years old. Onorato is actually part of an upcoming fundraiser for the Pittsburgh mayor, whose approval ratings are pretty terrible.

Someone else who wants to run for Senate against Bob Casey (John Vernon) says the Pennsylvania Democrat is “vulnerable” in the election—which he is of course totally. Now comes the tricky part for Vernon: Finding enough money to get anyone to realize who the hell he is. (Funny: According to Vernon’s internal poll, Casey’s numbers are up more than 10 points since the last public poll, go figure.)

Former Philadelphia Assistant District Attorney Dan McCaffery says he’s running for Attorney General of Pennsylvania. “I am running for Attorney General because I know what I’m doing. I have spent every day of the last twenty years in a courtroom; I’ve never backed down from a fight and never will,” he said in a statement, forgetting “outsiders” are really cool in elections these days. The Tea Party will only vote for an attorney general who’s not an attorney but an angry small business owner.

Members of District Council 47, the city’s white collar union, are apparently fed up with their leadership and will begin protesting outside their headquarters starting tomorrow.

Legendary Philadelphia recording engineer Joe Tarsia recently won the First Annual SPARS Legacy Award, which will be “given each year to an industry luminary who historically has demonstrated outstanding leadership, vision and commitment to the recording studio movement in America and the professional recording craft in general.”

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  1. pittsburghpete says:

    Onorato isn’t running for mayor. He and Ravenstahl are tight. And Ravenstahl s numbers are not terrible, nor are they good… they are simply unknown, unless you trust online polls that traditionally show Bart Simpson, Ron Paul and Jenna Jameson beating Obama.

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