Months After Philly Controversy Ends, Right Still On New Black Panther Kick

blackpanthersSeems like forever ago that two guys dressed in Black Panther gear showed up at a polling place on Fairmount Avenue with a billyclub and were then accused of intimidating voters. (It was November, 2008). We’d sort of forgot about it. But turns out, everyday since, the right has been doubling down—and doubling down again, and again—on accusations that the New Black Panthers and President Barack Obama are best friends forever, and want to do some bad stuff to White America, maybe.

This time: It’s the Obama and New Black Panther Party “shock photo” conspiracy.

Website found pictures of the president while he “appeared and marched with the New Black Panther Party in 2007,” during an event marking the 42nd Anniversary of the March from Selma, Alabama. The blurry images they obtained show a frame in which Obama, NBPP leader Malik Shabazz and a “uniformed NBPP member” near one another in a crowd, which has always been proof people are friends. Then, the website asks, “Did the Obama campaign play any role in having the Panthers travel to support his presidential ambitions?” Seems like the obvious conclusion.

And there’s a ton of evidence to back up the assumptions that question leads you to. For instance, remember “My Barack Obama Dot Com”? It was the Obama Camp’s Facebook, and anyone could join. But, turns out, someone posted an endorsement of Obama by the NBPP on the site during the election. The campaign took it down as soon as it became aware of its existence, but still. Proof!

The original accusation of Black Panther racism coddling was lobbed at the Obama Administration’s Department of Justice for two years after coming into office. See, Attorney General Eric Holder’s DOJ did not prosecute those at the Philly polling place of intimidation charges since they didn’t actually intimidate or stop anyone from voting. But that wasn’t good enough, so they investigated the investigation with taxpayer cash. Then, an inquiry was released and it, too, said no one in the Administration did anything wrong; there just wasn’t any evidence to prosecute. Grrrrrr.

But this was part of the conspiracy, probably? Let’s just say yes, because this clearly isn’t going away.

One Response to “ Months After Philly Controversy Ends, Right Still On New Black Panther Kick ”

  1. OnePercent says:

    You are leaving out the very important fact that the conviction had already been finalized in court, but that the Attorney General’s office took the heretofore unheard of action of dropping the case with no official explanation even though it was basically closed.

    Then of course, you have the obvious fact that Obama apparently had a long running relationship with leaders of the NBP, that the election in which this intimidation took place was the election that Obama won, and that the civil-rights charges against the NBP were of course conveniently dropped at the very last minute. That is an awful lot of coincidences if you ask me.

    Admit it, if this were occurring with a white president and a white hate group you would be screaming bloody murder. Hypocrite

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