City Will NOT Show Phillies-Cardinals Game at Occupy Philly Tonight (Updated)

There are rumors circulating on the Internet that the City has agreed to project Game 5 of the National League Division Series between the Philadelphia Phillies and St. Louis Cardinals at the Occupy Philly gathering at City Hall, beginning at 7:30pm.

Mayor Nutter’s press secretary Mark McDonald has confirmed to Philadelphia Weekly that this is not true.

“There is no truth to that,” he says. “Until Occupy Philly gets a valid permit, we are not entertaining any requests for anything.”

McDonald says a request for the game was made last night by an attorney for Occupy Philly, who spoke to Jazelle Jones in the managing directors office.

“We passed the request on to the managing director Rich Negrin, and that’s where it stands at this point,” says McDonald. “We’re waiting for them to comply with our regulations. We fully expect they will. They voted overwhelming last night to get a permit but they also decided, I think in the spirit of Quaker decision making for further consensus.”

McDonald says the City expects Occupy Philly will obtain the $20 permit, “but I think folks are just getting a little ahead of themselves here as to, there is no agreement to provide electricity, and I think the chances of providing a generator out there is pretty slim.”

A Facebook page for the Phillies-Cardinals viewing event reads, “We can thank Mayor Nutter for hooking us up for the Phillies tomorrow night down here at Occupy Philadelphia! For all those Phillies fan in our group, come out and watch the game.”

That page has provoked an argument online between protestors and others.

One protester writes, “There are a handful of organizers who are cooperating with the Mayor on our behalf and making decisions on our behalf. Why didn’t we discuss this Phillies thing at the General Assembly? I’m not saying it is a bad idea per se. I am saying that WE THE PEOPLE decide what corporations (Major League Baseball, Citizens Bank, Etc.) are permitted to enter our public space.”

Another writes, “They are already going behind the backs of the people, making deals on the side with the city administration. Right now, it’s about the Phillies. Next, it may be deals with the police to prevent out-and-out mobilization of OP participants. Occupy Philly needs accountability from its leaders!!!”

McDonald says protesters have thus far been abiding by the law and have demonstrated peacefully. Though the city is recommending they get a permit.

UPDATE: According to this post at Philebrity, Sean Agnew at R5 says, “Totally 100% screening the game at City Hall. Projectors, screen, PA and PA system obtained. Permit being obtained right now… GO PHILS!”

The rumor which stated the city would be screening the game for the protestors was incorrect.

According to the Phillies viewing party Facebook page, according to one commenter: “We were working on showing the game before the city said anything about it — occupy philly doesn’t need the city’s cooperation to have a private showing of the game this evening. If anything, the city has confused the issue.”

Another writes, “America’s favorite pastime should be protesting.”

4 Responses to “ City Will NOT Show Phillies-Cardinals Game at Occupy Philly Tonight (Updated) ”

  1. Robin Brownfield says:

    The whole Phillies game issue is a non-issue. We’re not here to party. We’re here in defiance of the plutocracy, which has robbed us of our savings, our jobs, our pensions and Social Security, our homes, our health, and our futures. Until corporate influence is extracted from the political process, until corporate personhood is abolished, and until the other 99% can participate in a fair political process that represents US, everything else is a diversion.

  2. Josh says:

    Occupy Philly folks were working on showing the game before this was mentioned — we can still show the game without the city’s cooperation.

  3. Joseph says:


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