The Phlog: Occupy Philly Takes Independence Mall

At 2:30pm, the Occupy Philly gatherers began a march from their headquartered spot in Dilworth Plaza outside City Hall, to the Liberty Bell. There were an estimated 400 people on the scene, including members of SEIU, who stated they they are officially supporting the protest, and that their union supports the national cause, as well.

“This is what they are afraid of the most, united we stand united they will fall…the revolution starts now, the revolution has begun. Brooklyn started it, Philly’s gonna finish it,” protesters chanted in what we’ll call “repeat-round-unison,” a tactic they’ve been using throughout the protests, in which one person behind a bullhorn speaks, and the crowd repeats what’s said.

Below are some photos from the Liberty Bell Occupy Philly rally. More reporting from PW to come throughout the weekend.indyhallone








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