Some Tea Partiers Demonstrate Support For Occupy Philly


Tea Partier Bob and three of his children.

A New Jersey Tea Partier brought three of his children to Occupy Philly Saturday night to show them an up-close and personal look at American democracy.  Jake, Jill & Jonah have visited Washington D.C. and other national attractions, but this was the first time the siblings were not just passive spectators, but active participants. They banged drums during Occupy Philly’s drum circle, a daily ritual since Day 2, and heard Occupiers list their complaints with America.

drum circle

“We’re out here in Philly visiting family,” says Bob, their father who would only give his first name. “I wanted to come down to see what’s going on in our country. My children are a part and in this broken system…I’m really upset with what my government’s been doing and I’m here to protest. I’m here to meet people who have the same grievances. We need to get back to the basics with the Constitution. I think this is teaching my children that they have a right if they feel something isn’t right, they have the right to protest. I’ve explained to them this is a right given to them by the Veterans of all foreign wars, all people who served, and this is their right as a an American. To me, it’s not a left or a right. It’s about what’s right for America. You’re a part of the 99 percent whether you’re a Tea Party member or a member of somewhere else. Let’s keep this going.”

But obviously not everyone agrees, and some Occupiers seemed to take offense to it. @Spagettaboutit tweeted us saying, ”teaparty members dont deserve recognition.” @AnCharCaff agrees that some spoke against the Tea Party, but “the 99% includes them.”

This is yet another murky area in the Occupy movement. Members don’t have to agree on every position together–what political party actually does? But while no one could deny some of Occupy’s “grievances” with the government reflect that of the Tea Party, Occupy’s future relies on the execution of its political structure and, most importantly, organization. By accepting everyone, Occupy could potentially create a supermajority–but that wouldn’t be for some time. However, if the internal conflicts grow serious enough and these issues are ignored, it could have damaging repercussions.

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  1. Marquis says:

    Classic Spagettaboutit – “democracy is for everyone – unless of course you disagree with me”

    And your handle sucks – but I’ll defend your right to have a stupid handle – that’s what America is about!

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