Nation of Islam Leader Louis Farrakhan Gives Fiery Speech at Million Man March Anniversary

Nation of Islam Minister Louis Farrakhan spoke for two hours at the anniversary of the Million Man March.
Nation of Islam Minister Louis Farrakhan.
In a two-hour speech yesterday, Nation of Islam Minister Louis Farrakhan called for blacks to take off their bedroom slippers (echoing President Obama), and called for a central bank to help blacks rebuild their own communities. He called upon black millionaires and billionaires to set up a corporation to loan money to blacks, who would buy land and create their own jobs in agribusiness and animal husbandry.
Addressing the thousands gathered at the Convention Center for the final day of the anniversary of the Million Man March in Washington, D.C., in 1995, he railed against the government’s military actions in Muslim nations Pakistan, Iraq, Libya and Afghanistan. “We must not let our government send our babies to die on the basis of a lie,” he said. He said Philadelphia would be the seat of a new nation, starting with the “young white people now marching” in American cities, what he called “the American autumn that’s just begun.”

His speech focused on the state of blacks in America, and he was as merciless toward them as he was toward Obama and the “white establishment.” “Whether you know it or not, we are at war,” he said. “Our survival as a people is at stake … The time for talk is over.”

Unlike the diplomacy of the speakers who introduced him, Farrakhan yelled phrases of his speech frequently, holding nothing back, to a crowd that often gave him standing ovations. “If you like the dollar bill with the enemy’s face on it, if that means more to you than to carve out a future for your children, then you can die when the dollar dies,” he said.

“Our babies are dying and so are we, and they’re dying because leadership is rotten to the core,” he said. The “corporate media,” corporate mass culture and “cold-hearted” members of Congress (whom he called Zionists) exacerbate problems that must be changed within the individual: “The hurt and the pain of black men and women, boys and girls, [who] wanted to come together to atone for our failures as men. God did not make a man that we should not be responsible for our women and children, and yet we want to be respected as a man and treated as an equal when we have not done anything to deserve it.”

“Women having baby after baby, looking for the government to support your sex drive? Is this what we have become? Your woman got a job and you’re staying at home?” he said, turning to unleash his righteous fury on the fairer sex. “The women don’t want to cook, they want to show their behinds and show their bodies.”

“Our young people don’t even want to go to school,” he said.

He advised blacks to do what the Chinese did in cities across America with Chinatowns. After all, he pointed out, blacks live in separate neighborhoods from whites, “but don’t own nothing in that part of town. You’re already separated but you’re not profiting.”

Corporations and government aren’t going to save blacks in America—especially considering young whites are jobless, too, he said. Blacks need to pool their resources to buy land. Land can be used for agriculture, so blacks can feed themselves with nutritious, whole foods, instead of what he called “denatured” food. “Do you know how valuable a cow is?” he asked toward the end of the speech, while a picture of a cow with a list of its uses came up on a huge screen.

He also addressed his own unpopularity with the federal government, pointing out that unpopular leaders such as Malcolm X, Martin Luther King Jr. and John F. Kennedy were assassinated. “Even to come after me, God will set your house on fire. I am your trigger and will explode your wrath on this wicked nation.”

16 Responses to “ Nation of Islam Leader Louis Farrakhan Gives Fiery Speech at Million Man March Anniversary ”

  1. Larry W says:

    A banks JUST for black people?

    This asshole sounds just as bad as a white supremacist:

  2. Adam says:

    I like the general direction he took with his speech, essentially encouraging blacks to re-localize and take individual action to fix their local economy. He’s got the right idea but what I wouldn’t like to see continued encouragement of would be segregating this process. If this re-localization does happen, perhaps at first there will be some segregation in the transitional phase. I can understand this as minorities have been oppressed for longer than most of our population would care to consider. If this is what it takes for the upper echelon of the minority community to step up and light this fire of re-localization I can temporarily deal with that. However, we’ve got to remember that we’re playing into the elite’s hand by keeping ourselves separated and therefore making ourselves, the 99%, more easily managed and manipulated to their ends. White’s need to re-localize our economy just as much as blacks or any other minority group so let’s remember there’s only two numbers to consider here, 1 and 99.

  3. Doc says:

    He wants to create banks to loan money so that “blacks” can build there own communities? Isn’t that what the Community Reinvestment Act was all about? Isn’t that what drove the housing market so high that houses were “underwater” at the time of purchase? On top of that, I thought Muslims are opposed to usury, loaning money with interest.

    What have we been doing since the War on Poverty was started in 1964? We’ve been giving and loaning without expectation of getting it paid back for more than 50 years. We’ve had anti-poverty programs .. on and on .. and what has been the result? MORE poverty. A decimated black community with most children born out of wedlock, raised by poor mothers while their “husbands” impregnate other young women.

    More government handouts are not the answer. People realizing that they have an obligation to live responsibly and to provide for themselves and their families, people participating IN the political system for national economic security and for domestic tranquility.

    Farrakhan is a bigoted demagogue.

  4. Sean says:

    The message Farrakhan is delivering makes sense. It’s the same message that got Bill Cosby and co. in hot water and often causes blacks to cringe at the slightest notion that the current adverse societal atmosphere they face is any of their fault whatsoever. I think it triggers an understandably defensive reaction due to the horrible history in America but when will it be time to acknowledge that SOME of the burden lies within the individual? Specifically, the failure of men and all the ills that trickle down from that foundation of familial and societal perserverence. These issues are extremely complex, extremely sensitive and even having such dialogue where blame is assigned anywhere near the black population in America is a touchy deal. But, we need tohave thses conversations, we need to say the things that may draw the most pain. It’s the only way to find a realistic solution.

  5. derrick says:

    Doc you are a jackass to suggest that Minister Farrakhan is a bigot because he is asking for a people to produce for themselves and benefit from there on economic resource. Farrakhan is not the bigot those who behind you kiss is the truth bigots according to the Pew Research Whites in Median net worth Income in 2009 $113,000, Black $5,700 look at the gap not a gap a chasm, 1 in 17 black people are unemployed Doc if you can’t see the value in what Farrakhan said on Sunday then get the Hell away from us and our people! We have a nation to save!

  6. Bryan says:

    If whites dont understand that the problem we face is a spiritual problem that stems from failure of the American government from the manipulations of zionist then they have failed to see properly. We have been your countrys burden-bearers for over 400 years now. What Minister Farrakhan is advocating is self help, self correction, self improvement, self development of ourselves and our communities that we may help God to chart a future for ourselves. Every aspect of freedom, jusice and equality that we have sought from American Society has failed us. (even whites too) The political, religious, social, economical insitutions have rendered our people useless. Minister Farrakhan is usering in a new idea that springs forth from the will of God. And that is that we become independent of this dieing institution and begin to do for self unless we are found wanting like America and go down with her from the wrath of God.
    Only assholes and bigots sprew such vicious childish non sense. Maybe you all that say such wicked things should re-evaluate yourselves and come again to the door that maybe you will be permitted to enter and not face the punishment of your wicked rulers!!!!!

  7. Amen says:

    Just do something!!! Elijah Muhammad was saying this same stuff 40 years ago and no progress yet?


  8. Pete says:

    Lou Farrakhan is a hateful,racist bigoted pig, period. This jerk lost credibility years ago. Take a look at all of his anti-semitic statements over the years, thousands of statements and he doesn’t hide the fact that he is a racist bigot towards Jews and whites in general. Anybody that takes this punk seriously is an ignorant moron. This puke actually referred to the dead US soldiers who were killed by that muslim extremist at Fort Hood as murderers, rapists and terrorists. He referred to the shooter as a “Good Muslim,” just misunderstood. This punk also said Hitler was a great leader. Why dont you brainwashed fools do your research on this hateful bigoted individual before supporting this lunatic. he is not honorable. He is a POS. The mainstream media are afraid of him for whatever reason because they are cowards to call out out this pig for what he really is. If you support him, you are a racist bigot yourself.

  9. Philly RN says:

    This is the OPPOSITE of what MLK said. MLK promoted integration, not segregation.

    The Philly neighborhoods attest to MLK’s wisdom, and the failure of segregation for any reason, Jim Crow, the Nation of Islam, urban federal housing policies.

    The neighborhoods that are the healthiest for everyone are integrated and diverse on race, income, all measures.

    Farrakhan didn’t go into some of his more evil rants, against the Jews which to him is synonymous with “the Fed” and “bankers.” The ugly parts of the Koran referring to Jews as “apes and pigs” is an special Farrakhan favorite.

    The NOI in Philly has been one of the cities where the Nation was the most heavily involved in drugs, and I would argue that it still is, as Chicago’s movement has cleaned up and gone regular Sunni.

    While Farrakhan criticizes the black community, he’s mum on the deficits and misses in his own movement. The violence, the crime, the hate speech, and re-segregation, it’s failed the black community as just one more dead-end movement.

  10. Philly RN says:

    What is a “zionist” to these people? Do they have any self-realization of how nutty they sound?

    How does supporting the existence of Israel have anything to do with a single black problem?

    The black community shows itself to fall for ignorance and phoney leaders and a culture of failure by not getting a proper education, reading on their own, or trying to even make sense of the world around them.

    For any race, for any creed, that will always be a fatal mistake.

  11. Philly RN says:

    Bill Cosby is for integration, not segregation, and lambastes the NOI and Farrakhan.

    Farrakhan blamed the government for blowing up the levees under Katrina. He blames rappers for the toxic culture they rap about (and blames the “Zionists” for making a profit from rap culture). Farrakhan defended Jesse Jackson’s comment calling NYC “hymietown.”

    That’s a far cry from the self-reliance and self-examination of Bill Cosby, who says quit blaming everybody else and make yourself the shining example.

    Farrakhan preaches poisonous racism and justifies it as a victim of racism and ethnic animosity, even as the world witnessed what that kind of hate does in the word. Bosnia. Rwanda. Now the Islamic world, as Muslim rises up against his fellow Muslim.

    Preaching and believing hate is like lighting a fire. Pretty soon, you can’t put it out.

  12. aph music man says:

    I am a musician.
    A black male.

    I play in the vicinity of the Convention Center, on the streets and in the nearby Reading Terminal Market.

    I witnessed many black folks coming and going during this convention.

    NOT ONE gave a dime or a dollar to the INDEPENDENT BLACK MUSICIANS performing in the area around the Convention Center.
    That was my observance AND that of many other musicians working this area – I talked with them afterwards.

    Hopefully SOMEBODY attending this convention gave SOME money to the INDEPENDENT BLACK MUSICIAN/BUSINESS MEN working in the area, but for SURE – These ‘brothas and sistahs’ did LITTLE to support us.

    Usually when there is a convention in town, we do well as many people will support us – both black, and non-black.
    Frankly, we ‘make out’ when there’s a convention in town.

    But these Farakhan followers did LITTLE to support those of us who are musicians and are reduced to playing on the street to make a living!
    This because, though Philly has a MAJORITY BLACK POPULATION, you will hardly find ANY venues that hire black musicians/groups.

    Oh there may be black musicians that find work, in white run bands, but black musicians hardly get a break in Philly, so we work the streets.

    The NON-SUPPORT of the members of this ‘black’ convention, FOR THEIR OWN BROTHERS, on the street, trying to make an independent living, is APPALLING.

    And Minister L. Farakhan is a musician/vocalist himself!!

    White people support us better than these ‘black muslims’ do!!
    So do rank and file blacks and others.

    Why didn’t the NOI and these MMM folx support us?


  13. Donald E Wilson says:

    I love Louis Farrakhan, but he has been repeating the same rehtoric since 1972.(QUESTION IS…) when we gone get to the good part, get down to the good part, when we gone get to the good part…when we gone get to it?

  14. PAUL says:

    Minister Farrakhan is loved and respected all over the world. Soon you will see the NOI in tens of millons all over the world not just USA. People don’t fall for the same old media tricks owned by the jews. Even ignorant people will be a witness to the ministers words. Donald the good part is just around the corner just live a little longer.

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  16. lynn cooper says:

    This is the ignorance of a dying race.

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