DAILY GRINDER: Are You Ready to Occupy Eric Cantor?

New Occupy Philly fun: GOP House Majority Leader Eric Cantor is coming to the Wharton School on Friday. Occupy Philly says they’ll be there, and MSNBC host Ed Schultz (that guy who sort of looks like Rush Limbaugh, but isn’t actually him) says he supports their doing so. The event is called the Occupy Eric Cantor March. And it makes sense that this would happen, because Eric Cantor is just…he’s just so terrible.

Republican City Council at-Large candidate David Oh was recently attacked by the Philadelphia Independent Veterans Association. The groups says it wants voters to drop their support for Oh due to his “misstatements” about his past military experience. I always said, once Oh loses the Philadelphia Independent Veterans Association, he’s lost everything. Oh, wait, actually there’s no sign of the Philadelphia Independent Veterans Association existing before this month, and their singular issue seems to be Oh’s candidacy.

Hey look: There are less “dangerous” public schools in Philadelphia than there were before! Violence is down 14 percent “across the district along with the 4 percent drop in student population over the past year.

You’ve got to hand it to Stu Bykofsky. His bike columns are just incredible. The Daily News writer extends his literary middle finger with more flair than most writers half or a quarter his age. Here are some choice quotes from his latest: “The city will do a traffic study, but as I previously have reported, it has screwed the pooch on previous studies, sometimes even relying on volunteers from the Bicycle Coalition of Greater Philadelphia, an activist group. Honestly, is that a good practice?” … “How dare they be asked to register? Condensed, and translated, the cyclists said, kind of like Dr. Seuss: “We are green! We are keen! We do not pollute the air! Registration is not fair!” … “That includes riding in the same direction as traffic, no blowing red lights, full stops at stop signs, no sidewalk-riding in business districts unless, chronologically, you are a child. (Acting like a child isn’t good enough).”

Disgraced former Pennsylvania House Speaker John Perzel is testifying today in a public corruption trial—he’s now admitted to using state money for computer equipment and programs to help Republicans win elections. On the count of three, everyone Google ACORN so we can forget this ever happened.

Ten Pennsylvania Republicans and Democrats signed a letter to President Obama in which they wet themselves to Shale gas development. In the letter, they sign a gas industry commissioned study which says the Marcellus Shale will bring 256,420 “good paying jobs”—no more, no less—to Pennsylvania in the “coming years.” Definitely.

Buncha’ gangsters doing gangster shit: The Republican presidential primaries are a mess. Every state is trying to move up their primaries (thinking, maybe, if they move those up, they can get rid of Obamacare that much sooner?) so much so, Iowan wingnuts might be pulling the lever on Thanksgiving Eve, when all their friends are getting drunk. Well, Rick Santorum won’t stand for that. So he’s pulling out of the Republican race in Nevada. He’s also accusing his opponents of wanting to move the debates up because they’re leading now, and he just needs time to pull ahead.

SEPTA: $15 million for new hybrid buses!

A Philadelphia woman was found to have kept four handicapped people chained in her Tacony basement for years. Police are now saying she may have “preyed on dozens” of others.

Two women were found shot in the forearms in Overbrook last night.

The FBI is meeting in Baltimore, MD today to discuss updating the definition of “rape.” As Tara Murtha wrote on the subject back in June, “the only rapes that “count” are male-to-female rape that includes demonstrative physical force and penetration of the vagina by a penis,” according to Uniform Crime Reports. Officials say if the definitions are changed, rape statistics in the U.S. will likely jump. It would be the first definitive change in more than 80 years.

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