WATCH: Karen Brown Releases Lowest-Budget Campaign Ad Possible

Karen Brown has released a campaign ad and it’s…interesting.

We’ve previously reported on her campaign’s problems, as well as some of the misfortunes she’s suffered by counting on the Republican City Committee, who did not have the money to support her campaign after she beat John Featherman by 64 votes in the spring. She told us a month back she’s prepared to go it alone, and if you’re to believe the production behind this ad, she has.

According to Newsworks, Brown’s 30-second spot was recorded by Warren “Fuzzy” Bloom, “who does video and photo production and ran for city commissioner in the spring primary.” Bloom, a Democrat, says he did the video as a favor to Brown and says the production value is low because he “didn’t have his high-definition camera that day.” Oh, and the memorial you’re going to see in the background is fake. And we didn’t know you could still tape things in VHS.


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One Response to “ WATCH: Karen Brown Releases Lowest-Budget Campaign Ad Possible ”

  1. aaron says:

    more evidence that Karen Brown is actually a Democratic mole meant to keep conservatives away from the polls.

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