DAILY GRINDER: More Philly Taxpayer Automobile Smears

Councilman Brian O’Neill took the Joe Duda way out of the City Council Car Debate last night during a debate with rival Bill Rubin. It’s not that O’Neill necessarily needs, or even wants a taxpayer-funded car, people! But the car is there! It’s free and a pine tree hangs from the rearview! It’s got new rims! Would YOU turn that down? I don’t think so, jackasses! (Although, unlike Duda, there’s no evidence O’Neill is driving 100 miles per day.)

Small government conservative: Governor Tom Corbett has taken the first steps toward ruling over the local Harrisburg government with an iron fist. He’s asked the Department of Community and Economic Development to come up with an emergency plan, now that the mayor and city council of that sad, sad town can’t get along. The plan would make sure the police and other services remain in tact. And then he’s got to petition the Commonwealth Court, making sure Harrisburg be put into “receivership.” And then we party. We party like we’ve never partied before.

What’s more important to you, a new townhome or a mural? Some people in Bell Vista are trying to figure out just that. Houses are good, so is paint, what’s to be done? (Zoning officials will figure it out in a couple weeks.)

Here’s something cool Philly.com does besides porn: Awesome local contributions presidential interactive map thing, in which you click the zip code and it tells you how much people contributed in the presidential election, and to whom.

Two more men were arrested in the June 18 SEPTA shooting, which was caught on tape and posted to the Drudge Report, as evidence of Obama’s grand master plan to incite racial violence.

Senator Pat Toomey’s Allentown offices were “Occupied” yesterday morning by a group called American Dream Movement, which is made up of unemployed workers and union workers. You can stop this, Patrick. Just stop being a dick.

[Even Rendell is right twice a day] You know how when a president is unpopular, local congresspeople “avoid” that president when he comes to town? Because of the voters somehow associating that congressperson with the president (and, therefore, unpopularity) during said appearance? Ed Rendell, in an interview with Politico, laid some truth bombs on this ridiculous custom of the weak, cowardly “moderate” Democrats and Republicans, whose only sins consist of taking no real stances and being wads of scum, generally speaking. Take it, Ed: “A lot of members of Congress are complete wusses. It’s absurd to think if you show up with the president, you’re doing yourself some damage. Do these members think for a minute voters are going to forget they are Democrats?”

Like tax news? Sure you do! (Or maybe you don’t? We have no idea.) City Council is looking at two new pieces of tax legislation. The first will give businesses an exemption on the first $100,000 of receipts. The second will give a two-year tax rebate to all new businesses in the city. We can hear the jobs just rolling in.

Where were we on Rick Santorum’s presidential funtime? Let’s see, he’s still pissed his online reputation is associated with sex sludge. He screamed and yelled and flailed at the last presidential debate. He sent us an email saying he won said debate by screaming like a madman (not the cool, hip kind on that show I don’t watch) and, therefore, we should send him money for that new Des Moines house his family is trying to call home since dad had that midlife crisis …And that’s basically it. Not much going on lately, except: He’s still in it. How do we know? Because he hasn’t completely counted himself out yet, gone (more) batshit crazy and pulled a Hail Mary by blowing the Barack Obama Berf Certificate dog whistle/promising a 20 percent “flat tax” like Texas shoemit Rick Perry. So, that’s technically good news for our home state Reagan-Jesus merchant hero. Congrats, dude!

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