Bill Clinton Cancels Nutter Campaign Appearance, Leaves Occupy Philly Out in the Cold

Occupy Philly marches up Broad St. at Temple.

Occupy Philly marches up Broad Street to Temple.

An hour before President Clinton’s scheduled appearance at Temple University on Saturday, a line had already formed outside Mitten Hall, in the slushy, frigid snow. By 2 p.m., when doors were supposed to open, more than 200 people waited before getting word that Clinton’s event—for Mayor Nutter’s re-election campaign— would be canceled, due to the nasty weather.

The would-be spectators were a diverse mix of Nutter supporters and protesters from Occupy Philly, who were prepared to greet Clinton with silence, their mouths covered by cloth.

Normally during campaign speeches the audience hoots and hollers. This time, “empty campaign promises” would be greeted with silence, said a young protester with a white cloth tied around her mouth.

“They’re so rich they get free speech—get to be heard. Sounds like bribery to me,” said Paul Sheldon, a 68-year-old retired Villanova professor, who was joining the silent protest. He and his wife started supporting the Occupy movement when they were protesting genetically modified food, because the United States doesn’t require labeling of GMO food.

“There are lots of issues that bring people together (at Occupy),” said his wife, Fran. “There are lots of different tipping points.” The couple’s reason to protest Bill Clinton was campaign finance.

“There are so many areas in our lives that corporations have taken over,” she said. Big business has intimate relationships with people in power—and those people in power depend on corporations and business interests to fund campaigns.

Even Obama’s campaign, which prided itself on never taking money from registered lobbyists, depends on large-scale donations from the corporate world. Obama calls David L. Cohen, head honcho at Comcast who raised more than $500,000 for the president at a fundraiser at his Mt. Airy house, a “good friend.”

According to the New York Times, “At least 15 major fundraisers for the Obama campaign … have been involved with different aspects of the lobbying and influence industry, representing a range of corporate interests from telecommunications and high-tech software to Wall Street finance, international commerce and pharmaceuticals.”

2 Responses to “ Bill Clinton Cancels Nutter Campaign Appearance, Leaves Occupy Philly Out in the Cold ”

  1. Dwayne Robinson says:

    Remember If it wasn’t for Pres Obama, the people would have never known about wall street corruption and corporate million dollar bonuses. All other Presidents kept that info away from us. Divide and Conquer. We need Pres Obama to win. He is not the enemy. He did not use the Drop Program Loophole. He has not done any conflict of interest voting like other politicians, like vote himself high raises, but give themselves bonus checks to make up the difference since the raise doesnt take affect until next election, He does not own a business or non profit organizations or charter schools while voting on these like other conflict of interest politicians. He is all we have that is at least honest and decent.

  2. Matt McMillan says:

    Hey Dwayne Psst:

    Guess which candidate recieved the most political contributions from Wall Street in presidential election history.

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