Love Is in the Air as Couple Wed at Occupy Philly


Lip-lockers Adam Hill, 28, and Ally Nauss, 24, met day 1 of Occupy Philadelphia while working at the information booth.


After a week into the protest, the couple “hit it off,” Hill says. ”It went from a friendly relationship to a more romantical relationship.”

Very romantical!


“I love his passion. When he gets into something, he is 100 percent dedicated and 100 percent devoted,” smiles Nauss.


“We do have a vision for this world. We have a vision for a world that is democratic, that talks to each other, that works on issues and it really is my vision that we have an Occupy Globe,” says Nauss, who worked in the corporate world before living at Occupy Philly.


Good luck!


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  1. Ally Nauss says:

    Thank you so much for this! My day was made just now in stumbling upon your photos/quotes!

    One minor correction: *Occupied Globe v Occupy

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