DAILY GRINDER: Vince Fumo, Joe Paterno, Penn State Riot Kidz All Feeling the Heat

Imprisoned former state senator Vince Fumo had six months added to his prison term (it’s at 61 months now). He also now owes an additional $1.1 million on top of the $2.8 million he’s already paid in fines. At the sentencing, Fumo gave what the Inky called an “often rambling statement,” which included, “I am tired. I am depressed. All I want is peace…It’s not Club Fed. It’s not an easy thing to do.” Conclusion: We can’t wait for the next round of emails.

What does Mayor Michael Nutter get for winning a second term? A glowing “He’s OK!” piece in The Economist. They believe his second term will be full of education reform, gun control and perhaps further ethics reform.

Saint Joseph’s University has a new president, too! (They’re all over the place, huh?) His name’s Rev. C. Kevin Gillespie. He’s a Jesuit priest and currently an academic official at Loyola University Chicago.

According to a Quinnipiac poll (always right, except when not), President Obama and Republican presidential candidate are statistically tied in Pennsylvania. For everyone else (Gingrich, whose “surge” is coming, promise; Cain; and Perry), Obama’s ahead by about 10 points.

And speaking of Cain, in case he’s allegedly sexually harassed you or any other women during his lifetime, his lawyer would like you to “think twice” before coming forward, lest you want to be smeared by the right wing media circus, too! For instance, Rush Limbaugh might talk about you, saying sexual harassment is “a political tool of the left to get rid of people, or to score money gains.” The New York Post might call you a “gold digger” who “flirted like a tart” with the presidential candidate. Cain himself might call you, like he did one of his accusers, a “part of the Democratic machine” while Ann Coulter will suggest David Axelrod set the whole thing up, because that’s how he rolls. Think twice ladies — you’ve been warned! Presidential! (UPDATE: Limbaugh might also say you and other accusers want to “synchronize [your] menstrual periods” and you might have all this said about you at CainTruth.com, a real website.)

Ouch: Pennsylvania U.S. Senators and best buds (4-EVA!) Pat Toomey and Bob Case had nominated former Penn State head football coach Joe Paterno for a Medal of Freedom. Now, they’re rescinding the nomination. Unless, they said, some Penn State kids riot in favor of those who cover up child rape/molestation/torture. What’s that?

Thousands of students rioted over the firing of a child rapist’s protector. They flipped news vans and were then maced by cops.

Former Rep. Joe Sestak says Paterno didn’t get his due process. And his Facebook page is getting eaten because of it.

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