Protesters Arrested on Market Street Bridge [UPDATED]

photo(54)After a march from Dilworth Plaza to the Market Street Bridge, 23 24 protesters were arrested, including members of Fight For Philly, Action United and Occupy Philly.

I live-tweeted this thing earlier, which, maybe you were following? If not, check it out here.

Many of those arrested sat down with arms clasped across the bridge, holding signs saying “Willing to Work,” and most were unemployed. One protester named Noah had a sign which read “I am the 1%, I stand with the 99%–Tax Me More!” He told me he is from a well-to-do family and received an inheritance, though wishes the government would tax him and others in the 1 percent at what he called “FDR-Levels.”

At one point, there were some short fuses between protesters. Police told everyone on the bridge to move to the sidewalk unless they wanted to get arrested. Most moved to the sidewalk, which prompted one protester to scream, “Get in the street! Make a statement! Fifteen arrests won’t mean shit!”

The crowd was the most diverse I’ve seen at an Occupy Philly action, perhaps because of the recent tension between Occupy Philly protesters and the city, as well as today being a national day of action across the country. Also, perhaps because the event was put together by Fight For Philly, a local nonprofit with one goal in mind: Jobs.

Every sitting protester I spoke to — including former Green Party Sheriff candidate Cheri Honkala — said they were willing to get arrested. Honkala said she tried her hand working “within the system” but that didn’t work, so she’s back up to her old tricks.

The sitters were arrested one by one, and the crowd began thinning out around 6:30 p.m.

I spoke to a ton of people, though, who had a ton of things to say. Some interesting, some not so much. There will be a full report on this tomorrow.

UPDATE: No time to waste. Occupy Philly is holding a vote on whether to move out of Dilworth Plaza.

UPDATE 2: Occupy has voted to move to Thomas Paine Plaza. And they’re moving. The Occupation continues.

UPDATE 3: Or not. They don’t have a permit to be at Thomas Paine Plaza, and police are asking them to leave.

UPDATE 4: And, they’re back. The city says they can stay at Dilworth Plaza for the time being. What a fake out!

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  1. Mike Able says:

    By continuing to occupy Dilworth Plaza, which is due for major reconstruction, the tents are jeopardizing the work schedule and employment opportunity of construction workers in our city. By the way, what percent of the tents are continually occupied day and night by “Occupy” people? I observe the tents with interest and for hours do not see any use or movement.

    The “Occupy” people are quickly marginalize themselves into 1%. When that happens, passers-by seeing their 99% banners will just navigate their way across the plaza heading to their work interviews with a chuckle.

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