DAILY GRINDER: Here’s What Happened With Occupy Philly’s Move and Re-Move Last Night

After yesterday’s arrests on the Market Street Bridge, members of Occupy Philly voted to move their tent city from Dilworth Plaza to Thomas Paine Plaza, across the street. So, they started moving there. Then, police told them to turn around because they didn’t have a permit. So they did. Meanwhile, the Occupy Philly legal team was meeting with Mayor Nutter and Deputy Mayor Rich Negrin over what to do now, while Commissioner Charles Ramsey kept telling the media there was no plan to make anyone move, at least not yet. An emergency General Assembly was held around midnight. “They told us to leave, so we left, but they didn’t want us to lave, so we went back,” said one Occupy protester. Then, it was announced Philadelphia Deputy Mayor Richard Negrin said the city still was not setting a hard date that protesters must be out of Dilworth Plaza, but they would have to be gone by the start of construction—whenever that is. This is getting a little confusing! The city will not evict the protesters until at earliest, Monday. At 12:21 a.m. Mayor Nutter tweeted, “Occupy Philly, just follow the process.” The permit for Dilworth Plaza is still effective.

And here’s something: With all these raids going on around the country and cops getting violent with their sweeps, citing violence by the  Occupiers, and most of the media calling the movement “dead, but good try!” will Occupy Philly be the last Occupation standing?

Mayor Nutter was named one of the 20 Americans of the Year by Esquire, which is where I get most of my “…Of The Year” news. They love him because he apparently reduced the murder rate, raised taxes and cut services. You know, “tough” decisions.

Hey Philly: We’re green! We apparently lead a list of 14 municipalities in our green infrastructure, like eco-friendly and cost-effective sewage runoff and stormwater pollution. So this, combined with those SEPTA rooftop gardens and bike lanes means we can go home now, no?

The Philadelphia Housing Authority is selling off some of its stuff. They put up 400 houses, lots and other properties for auction for 500 people to auction on (or, at least, that’s how many showed up), though it was said no homes were in “move-in condition.”

Retired Philadelphia police captain Ray Lewis was one of more than 300 arrested and taken into custody yesterday from Occupy Wall Street. He held a sign reading, “NYPD, watch ‘Inside Job’ then join us,” referring to that documentary I haven’t seen yet because it’s not on Netflix On Demand.

Councilman Curtis Jones, Jr. has secured a spot for Majority Leader of Philadelphia City Council and Blondell Reynolds-Brown is taking the majority whip spot. Minority positions are still being figured out.

The more conservative Corbett-approved gas drilling plan was approved by the state House yesterday.

Have you “moved your money” yet? If you haven’t and are still giving credit unions a looksie, make sure you don’t head to the People for People Community Credit Union of Philadelphia. The National Credit Union Administration has issued a cease-and-desist order, citing, uncollectible loans, delinquent loans, and other mishaps.

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  1. Ada Kulesza says:

    Randy, you gotta see “Inside Job.”

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