Three Killed Over Holiday Weekend; Philly Murder Count Tops 300 in 2011

Over the holiday weekend, three people were shot and killed in the City of Brotherly Love, bringing the grand total of murder victims in Philadelphia in 2011 so far (with a month to go until 2012) to 301 – already more than in 2010 and 2009.

The three victims over Thanksgiving weekend were male: a 20-year-old in Kingsessing; a 22-year-old in North Philadelphia; and a 36-year-old on N. 50th St. in West Philadelphia.

To put this into perspective, the total number of United States military troops killed in combat operations in Iraq this year so far (as of October) was 52.

Over the summer the Mayor released a five-year plan to reduce crime, boasting that homicides have decreased by 22 percent since 2007. As of today, that number has deflated a little to 18 percent, which still does little to console a citizen about the safety of a city.

Police statistics show that the victims of homicide are mostly – in fact, overwhelmingly – black. Nearly 85 percent of people murdered in Philadelphia in 2011 were black. Ninety percent of all murder victims were male. Nearly 40 percent of murder victims were between the ages of 18 and 24, and 65 percent were killed at the prime of their lives: between the ages of 18 and 34.

The district boasting the dubious honor of most homicide victims in 2011 is the 26th in the northeast, which includes Kensington and the up-and-coming neighborhood Fishtown.

The offender statistics look a lot like the victim stats: mostly male, mostly black, and mostly young. From the stats, it looks like most of Philly’s crime is black-on-black, male-on-male, and youth-on-youth. And 79 percent of people who get arrested for murder have previously gotten arrested.

3 Responses to “ Three Killed Over Holiday Weekend; Philly Murder Count Tops 300 in 2011 ”

  1. Dan says:

    To be clear, the 26th is not “in Fishtown”.
    Fishtown is “in the 26th”.

    The 26th includes all of the 19125 Kensington zip code and even more of Kensington and other nearby neighborhoods. Although Fishtown is not immune (as the recent murder of Shane Kelly shows), most of the homicides do not occur in the Fishtown section of the 26th.

  2. Nina Hoffmann says:

    Hi Dan: You are correct. Awkward syntax corrected.

  3. Joe smith says:

    Check your facts the 22nd district has the honer of most homicides.

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