PHOTOS: Philadelphia Police Raid Occupy Philly

The Po Po may have kicked everyone–including reporters–out of Dillworth Plaza, but we promise we didn’t write the above!
Police begin de-occupying Occupy.
Up until about midnight, only a few handfuls of Occupiers remained on the camp.
Police closed off all streets around city hall, including Market Street.
Dozens of police vehicles moved in on Occupy Philly around 12:30 this morning.
Civil Affairs Captain Bill Fisher warned Occupy Philly to leave three times before police were given the OK to raid it this morning at 1:08.
Those are members of the media, not Occupy!
That’s Occupy–leaving Dillworth Plaza, peacefully (at first).
After they left, hundreds of cops creeped in to raid Occupy Philadelphia.
Traffic jam, when you’re already late!
The press weren’t allowed anywhere near the raid, since–you know, this is North Korea and all. So this is the closest we could get to watching police break stuff. They’re good at that!
They’re also good at blocking off everything, causing people to miss their bus home from work, like the pissed-off guy above.
That’s not a Ralph Lauren ad, those are Philly’s finest blocking off Rittenhouse Square, stupid!
“Hey, ‘member we used to live there? What the fuck were we protesting, again?”
This homeless woman, who lived at Love Park before settling at Occupy, joined dozens of other homeless forced to sleep tonight at the Friend’s Center at 15th and Cherry Streets– or they had to find somewhere else to go.
Merry fuckin’ Christmas.

3 Responses to “ PHOTOS: Philadelphia Police Raid Occupy Philly ”

  1. Miguel says:

    Thank god. It’s about time these lazy people got kicked out!

  2. saul lichtine says:

    The movement will live on as long as the inequities created by this system of socialism for the rich aka as banks, corporations and wall street rip off the rest of us! Boots on the ground are the only way meaningful change ever came starting with our own revolution through the strikes and protests down through the ages. Long live the peoples movement!

  3. [...] to do next. But the phase at Dilworth is finished. Check out some images of the raid and clean-up here and here. This entry was posted on Wednesday, November 30th, 2011 at 2:14 pm. Leave a ReplyYou must [...]

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